I hate young males

I f****** loathe seeing and hearing young males. Their high voices annoy the h*** out of me. They sound like little girls! I always want to kick toddlers so they fall down and start crying. I'd make it seem like an accident; Oops! Babies are disgusting. I hate their tiny peenusses and testes. I want to bite and squeeze them really hard til they turn purple and the kid is screaming b***** murder like in the forced circumcision videos on YouTube. I watch them over and over again and laugh at the pain they are in. They really have some great videos on there!! Sometimes, the young males make a really huge fuss over being forced to be circumcised. I think it's a necessity cause uncut d**** stink like fish and bad cheese! Seeing small males makes me very angry. They are NOT innocent. I'm bisexual but wish I was completely gay so I wouldn't be sexually attracted to (men). Seeing young males getting tortured sexually does nothing for me sexually, by the way. I like watching their small peenusses being put in clamps then having the smelly skin burned off. They are all held down by adults, so there is no escape for the little bastards. I hate very much to see their stinking, dirty a******* open when they are laying there with their legs spread and held down by the wonderful sadistic adults who are watching this, and secretly enjoying it. I know they do. There is one procedure called the "plasti bell." The sadistic Doctor inserts something into the kids d*** after literally cutting it open! That's my favorite to watch. It's very b***** and fun! Bye!



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  • Yup! Another psycho-b****...............

  • Someone should put a torch lighter to your face and cook you then leave you to get infected and die

  • I would love to make sure my boy does not m*********. I've weaned my husband off masturbation. He knows that it is wrong and if he does it he confesses to me and it reminds him of his weakness. The next challenge is that our son is 10 and so only a couple of years to prepare him to resist the urge.

  • Your husbands going to f*** other women your damaging ur kids and ur husbands libido kill urself

  • You are a class A1 stupid sorry ass b****. You know that? An idiot.

  • F*** yourself

  • There are mothers out there that hate sick F@kks like you - you need to be eradicated

  • How old are you? I suggest psychiatric help. You and the lunatic below me.

  • My wife dresses out 8yo in a dress.

  • F*** you.

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