I hate racism. It's one of the most unfair, unjust things in this world! I hate when people judge my race as a whole. People really should consider looking at each individual person and judging their actions, not an entire race of people. I am a black, 20 something year old female who recently graduated from college, 2 degrees and C** Laude (that is honors for those who do not know) all in 4 years! The blatant racism and stereotypes I encounter on a daily basis is disgusting. People assume that I either have a slew of children, not intelligent or that I am promiscuous. They assume because I am a minority that I have somehow gotten a free ride to college. They assume that I am lazy just because I am on food stamps at the moment. Well, the truth is I am on stamps so that I can feed myself for the moment. I hate food stamps! I am a only child with NO CHILDREN and if not for these stamps I would not eat. As soon as I find work I will make sure I never have to be on them again. I don't want a hand out. I was not fortunate enough to land a job right out of college. I worked my whole college career and with the help of scholarships (that had nothing to do with me being black, but instead had to do with my honor GPA), loans, and hard work I made it. NO ONE HANDED ME ANYTHING. So, for the racist people out there saying that black people are lazy, if you are reading this remember this post and kindly go jump off a bridge! Most Black People DO work hard, it's just the disgusting prejudices that still exist plague us no matter what we do. No, I am not blaming it on "the man", I am simply stating facts. There IS such a thing as systematic racism and it's infuriating that anyone thinks otherwise. It's emotionally daunting to walk into a room (or in my case go into an interview) and be judged not because of your character or skills, but because of your skin color and perceived notions of ignorance, Yes, there are some bad people in all races, but all of us should not be judged because of that.

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  • Im not racist i go to black whores

  • I am sorry this happening but it is just a minority of ignorant people

  • Racism goes both ways don't just assume that someone is going to be racist to you just because they are a certain Colour

  • True :) Have you experienced any form of prejudice,yourself?

  • Everyone has by someone

  • I agree :) But there are various degrees/forms, of prejudice.
    Have you prejudiced or/and stereotyped against, because of your race/ethnicity?
    Some people may state, that prejudice is prejudice.But there are, different kinds.
    And with different forms, the severity of each form varies, aswell as the repercussions and effects of them. Within my opinion, racial prejudice, is one of the worst forms of prejudice. To be discriminated and stereotyped against, because of the colour of a person's skin, it's heartbreaking. And to add insult, being stereotyped against, because some people have associated specific negative mannerisms, behaviour, lifestyles and so forth,with specific racial groups, that some people assume the worst of those racial groups.It's sad really :(

    But yes,you're accurate.I suppose, everyone has been prejudiced against, by someone.
    When was the last time, you was prejudiced against and what form of prejudice, was it?

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