As I was flicking through TV channels yesterday,I came across something disturbing.Now I can't, eradicate those images, from my mind.Everytime I have a quiet moment to myself, I see them, within my minds eye.Then suddenly, my heart is hurting and I cry.

The images were of bears with collars, trapped within a small cage.I think it was a documentary or something.
But I just feel useless!! I want to find them and release them.I can't withstand knowing they're suffering and I'm unable, to relieve it.

I don't even know, if they're still alive or how long ago, that particular documentary was filmed.I just keep praying, they've managed to be rescued and are now within, a safe sanctuary.I don't even believe in god, but still, I find myself praying and desperately hoping, they're ok now.But even if they were, what extent of psychological/physical damage, has been done? Could/would they recover from, what even human beings, have done to them?
I guess, I can only hope and wish they're,now fine.

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  • Never, ever look into the test bears used in early days of space exploration. Cruel, cruel world. Now you've opened your eyes.

  • My eyes have always been open.But the last 3 years, I've noticed a change in me.I've always been a compassionate and empathetic person, but I feel I've become, more so. Especially when it involves, vulnerable animals and people, being mistreated. It irks me more. I think it's because I made a promise to myself, that if I witnessed anything I could change and help,including cruelty of anyone and animals, I would do it.
    But, I can't do anything about, what I witness on tv.At least in life, when I witness something directly and in person, I try to help.
    I guess, that's something :) I know I cant help everyone and all animals.But at least I help those, I come across, that appears to need it.
    That's puts my mind at ease.To be a bystander and not do anything to help those, that need our help, there's no excuse.If my safety is at risk, I would act indirectly, but still be inconspicuously, present.

    One love and blessings :)

  • The world needs more people like you.

  • :) One love and respect x

  • I once saw a monkey on a chain at a fair as a child and felt the same way. To see the expression on the face of the monkey was enough to torment me for a lifetime.

  • I understand how you feel.I'm sorry you witnessed that :(

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