Gambling addictions

I have had a gambling for many years and each time I say I would quit but I would only do it for a short period of time. I have managed to pay back my debts again, again and again.

Now that I have a family and two young daughters I don't want to loose them. I love them very much and I wish that God can help me. I have come to a point where I am complete out of money.

I can't tell my wife because she would leave me and take the kids away from me. I feel like I'm stuck in two jobs and not get anywhere in life. I have even consider telling my wife about my recent gambling and get a divorce but I really don't want to loose my kids.

Praying at times of desperation is not exactly what I am doing to resolve my issues but it is my only way of regrets. This is a great place for me to confess since I have no one to lean on.

This will be my very last time that I will be praying to God to help me and so I can keep my kids. If all my debt gets paid back without my wife, kids or anyone well know I swear I will forever quit gambling. I'm down to my very last options and praying for help. Please help me god.

Jul 5, 2016

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  • What happens if she figures it out? This is something pretty big to try and cover up. You need help and support. First step is to get into treatment. Do this for the sake of your health and family.

  • Sounds really tough. It's an indigtment on society that you fear telling the one closest to you.

  • Find a support group for people with addictions. Go to a conselor, psychologist, psychiatrist. May god help you. I will pray for you

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