Save jamie.

I wish i could've done something to help this puppy, who was not even a couple hours old when it was abandoned. i sat up all night long trying to get it to eat. i thoguht there was going to be a chance that it would survive, only to wake up at 9am, to my mom telling me that it's having problems eating. i did some reasearch online, and ran back to it to see if i could to a hydration test to find it dead. i feel like it was all my fault, and everyone is telling me that there was nothing that i could've done to stop it. ad that it was bound to go. i know that deep down that this is unacceptable.

can't stop crying. and im sorry if none of this is making any sense. i just needed to talk about it.

im PRAYING that when i wake up it'll still be alive and i can help save it.

i named it jamie. it wouldve been 2 days old by now.

Aug 17, 2010

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