I am literally embarrassed for you lovelorn people on here writing back and forth as if you are long lost lovers. Get a grip on reality people! I feel sorry for you. I really do. I can understand liking someones sentiment about love or even feeling a pang when reading it or wishing that someone felt that way about you. But no matter how you wish you have to know that it was not meant for you! You folks are delusional that are writing to one another as if you know the other person. I think it would be funny if all of those people could someday see who's really behind those words. I bet they wouldn't be too happy about the love they were so adamantly proclaiming before.

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  • Hi daddy it's clowie can we start another mile long thread on here daddy just to mess with OP and prove their point please daddy

  • It's a safe source of entertainment - smile

  • It's a sad source of entertainment - frown

  • Um it's just pretend. Calm down ...

  • You forget that people who actually know eachother leave messages here for eachother. Mostly because they are cheaters and do not want to be caught...so don't judge to soon...

  • Hey baby, I'm in room 322 tonight. See you tonight lover!

  • People know that bit there is no harm in a little fantasy or hope.

  • Is it wrong 2 s**** a married woman i hav been doing it 4 15 years her husband and i are good friends he dont know

  • Dug, it's wrong idiot.

  • I Dig.

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