He cheated.

I've had a long distance relationship for about 5 months with a person that I feel I came to love after knowing him far far longer. I knew he did not love me back, and whilst it hurt, it was ignorable, particularly when he asked me to be his girlfriend more officially, as opposed to beforehand we were more friends with benefits (Cyberly).
The other day he told me how the previous night he had gone to see his female best friend who was drunk, and they had s**.
I was mad at him and at her to begin with, but what bothered me most was, that's the second girl he's slept with, and I'm still a virgin.
He then decided long distance was too much for him and that we had to break up, but that he didn't want things to change, as he did care about me, he just doesn't know how to control his l***.
I suggested that I calm down and stop being "coupley" as much as I can manage, and that way, he gets to have me, and I get to have him, he just gets to have more if he needs it.
I'm worried that I just want him to be my master, as I have previous experience of the submissive lifestyle, and that I cling to him because he's the only person interested in me.
He feels guilty about cheating, and getting off without much consequences.
He is the only thing that makes me want to wake up, and has been for at least 2 years.

Sep 5, 2012

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