I will vote for Hilary.

Is she the person I would most like to see as president, maybe not, but compared to Trump, it is hands down. I don't know if Bernie could have beat a Republican candidate or Trump but Hilary is a better option than Trump. Politics are small steps on a national basis and I think Bernie would have been big step. Take what you can when everything is so close. I remember voting for Jimmy Carter who in my eyes was someone I envy for his altruistic ideals, who lost, and compare to either of these candidates, Yes, our options may not be perfect but move forward. My time may only be a couple more elections, don't waste one and take a step back and wait most of your lifetime to get back to where were.

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  • Voting is an idiot's errand and a traitor's task.

  • It sure can seem like an idiot's errand at times, but a "traitor's task"? Uhh, okayyyy... Switch to decaf, drama llama!

  • I wouldn't sshe is shifty untrustworthy, she stayed with a idiot and lied for him and defended him and she is no better herself. I wouldn't vote for trump either but out of the two I think she is going to be a real snake in the grass, but the first female president is likely! to keep track with the fiirst black male president. its what people want. some want the rough diamond trump others want the burnt lead hilldingleberry!

  • You seem too old to still be this stupid! Why would you ever want to vote for a politician who promised to shut down more of our power plants? If rolling blackouts, sky high electricity costs, high taxes, high unemployment and huge budget deficits seem like a good time to you then vote for Democrats like Hillary.................

  • Maybe just old enough to not be ignorant. If you feel Trump is a better candidate, vote for him. Trump is self centered, borderline sociopath, that is out of touch with the real world. His companies have filed bankruptcy multiple times, doesn't pay taxes and that makes him smart or does it just mean that he lacks empathy for all those that he sticks will the bill to pay for his actions.

  • TRUMP DID NOTHING ILLEAGLE he is a businessman you would be a fu----- idiot to not take advantage of tax loop holes Clintons have ben in politics most of their lives why did thay not do something to fix the tax system ask yourself would you pay taxes you didn't have to

  • If we keep voting for whatever two clowns they send us, then they'll keep sending clowns. Time to vote for a third party.

  • Uh yeah, about that. The time for raising up a third-party candidate is between presidential elections, aka RIGHT NOW. When the campaign is so far along that there are literally only two candidates left, you hold your nose and vote for the least-odious one.

    Throwing a temper tantrum and not voting or voting for Mickey Mouse on Election Day is self-centered and stupid. Wanna know how an unqualified dementia case with the personality of a spoiled teenage girl got into the WH? By snowflakes like you having a hissy fit and not participating. Good work! This administration is firmly on your shoulders just as much as it is on a mouth-breathing MAGAt's. Feel proud about being in such "fine" company, you twit.

  • >> unqualified dementia case with the personality of a spoiled teenage girl

    Couldn't be better put.

  • Not one word of substance or truth by either candidate.

    NO ballot from me!

  • BANG! Dropped them!

  • If you want to hand the country over to illegal aliens, the BLM terrorist movement and muslim terrorists vote for Hillary!

  • Have you considered that the political class are the political terrorists?

  • Exactly. Classism, not left vs right, is the elephant in the room here. But we'll just keep going at one another because the political class is so good at manipulation. And what they don't inflict on us, we happily do to ourselves.

  • Sad that people will vote for known liars. Bernie isn't an option because of the DNC conspiring against him (fact), yet you will vote for Hillary. How very tragic that people do not see that they are voting for corruption. If you vote Hillary, you have absolutely no right no whine and complain about what that b**** does as president. People in America are stupid because their government wants it that way. They COULD educate themselves with facts but they have been trained like monkeys by the media to accept rumors and gossip. RIP of the media slaves.

  • One correction: no matter who you vote for in this election, unlike elections past, you actually WILL have the right to whine and complain, even if you vote for the ultimate winner. Not only the right, but the duty.

  • Teatards started yipping and whining the instant Obama won and haven't yet stopped... but even LOOK like you're going to say one word against their petulant orange overlord and they crank it up even louder.

    They were allowed to p*** and moan during Obama's administration. Sensible people are allowed to p*** and moan now, and have much greater reason to.

  • We have arrived at a very sad place in this country when our major party choices are these two. Makes me nauseous.

  • Do you even know who her vp choice is - he us a buffoon. She doesn't look all that healthy. PENCE/TRUMP is the best choice, rant over, bye felicia

  • Really. So how's that working out for you? Don't lie and say something about how all your tax shelters are thriving right now or whatever, successful people don't post here.

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