It's time!!!

It's time for Trump to go, but Biden is not much better, and may actually be worse in many, many ways. We don't have good choices. Our political system stinks to high heaven. I say we should DRAFT TIM SCOTT!!!

Jun 19, 2020

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  • Take time to research Hunter Biden’s laptop. What’s on that laptop will bring the Biden’s down. They can’t let Biden reach the Whitehouse because he is compromised by the Chinese. Mark my word

  • The Democrats are stupid. They get this really really old man to go up against trump. They will loose this unlosable election.

  • MAGA 2020 and f*** blm

  • That's the best you can do. The China has won the war. The Chinese own this country

  • Trump 2020

  • TRUMP 2020 f*** u crybaby p******

  • I agree with everything you said. Including your choice for an alternative candidate. I can't stand these two clowns we have been given to choose from, and I cannot vote FOR either one.

  • Then you don't get to complain when we end up wading through another 4 years of s***. Either vote or shut your cake hole.

  • Of course we get to complain!! We have b******* rights that we can NEVER be deprived of!!

  • NEVER be deprived of? Not paying much attention to news or society in general lately, have you? Oblivious moron.

  • Riiiiight. Step up to the next cop you disagree with and tell him that.

  • #stupidbutt

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