Best investment ever

I bought an alarm clock/Spy cam, I set it up in the spare bedroom at our lake house, Seems like we always have people staying with us from friends to my wifes sister, wifes mom, Cousins, Etc.
this thing is great, It has a motion sensor which turns the recording on and off saving space on the SD card, You have to take the battery door off and remove the battery tray which takes special Torx head screws which not everyone carries so there is less chance of getting caught.
I have a total of 21 hrs recorded and edited down to the "Good stuff" over the past two years, Here is a quick breakdown of what I have had the extreme privilege of viewing.
Wifes mom: 53, Nice shape, Nice B-cups, Bushy p****, P**** and a****** from behind.
- Changing many times, F****** her boyfriend once, applying sunscreen lots.
She has nice b**** which sway nicely while changing, sadly she kept the sheets pulled up while f****** but I could see her b**** jiggle while riding and watch her head bob up and down under the covers, one afternoon while changing she has her back to the camera, puts one knee on the bed and leans all the way across grabbing the sunscreen, As she does I get a full view of her p**** and a****** from behind, Both look nice and f*******.
Wifes sister: 25, Beautiful body, DD-cups, Shaved bald usually.
- Changing many times, Masturbating once, Playing with her nipples once, applying sunscreen.
She has an amazing body, Slim build, Big b**** and usually wears just pyjama pants to bed, Kind of weird but whatever, One afternoon me and the wife took the kids for ice cream, She stayed behind, the next day I checked the card and YUP, She watched out the window and as soon as we were gone she closed the blinds, Laid on top of the covers and spent the next 10 minutes on her back, Legs spread in full view of the camera, beautiful, bald p****, and a loud masturbator, another night she laid in bed covers pulled down just pinching and pulling her nipples, Not sure if she got off but it looked like it (Weirdly hot), She also bent over right in front of the camera, Nice view from behind, Hair free, pink bum hole so close to the camera you could almost stick a finger in her.
Wifes female cousin 1: 34, nice body, D-cups.
- Changing 4 times, applying sunscreen 4 times.
She has a very nice body as well, My wifes cousins have great genes and all three girls are attractive girls, this is the oldest, Her b**** are big with nice areolae, nice nipples and a wonderful bum, I love watching her jiggle and sway while putting on sunscreen.
Wifes female cousin 2: 31, Humongous b****, Decent body.
- Changing 20 times, f***** once, Applying sunscreen 20-25 times.
She stays with us often and is for some reason shy about her body, Her build is average except for her b****, They are so big they look out of place on her when she is naked, Her bum is decent, A bit jiggly but definitely decent, Her b**** are at least E-cups and are actually too big but amazing to watch her walk around and apply lotion.
Wifes female cousin 3: 28, Nice body, DD-cups, Shaved p****.
- Changing lots, Applying sunscreen lots, laying on bed naked lots, Audio of masturbating.
She is a very attractive, the only blonde in the family with huge b****, usually after showering she lays on the bed naked and messes around on her phone for a bit and sometimes reads a book in just her thong or naked, My camera sadly doesn't have night vision but must have been able to pick up enough movement to activate it and one night in the dark I can hear her whimpering and she is so wet you can hear it on the audio as she fingers herself.
Wifes cousin 4: 34, male.
- His wife changing, Applying sunscreen, Giving head.
Him and his wife stayed with us once, She is cute but skinny, Small b****, no ass, She got undressed, Sat on the edge of the bed, Pulled on her bikini bottoms and he walks up, Whips out his little pencil d***, She protests for a minute and finally says "For f*** sakes" and gives him an angry b****** swallowing his load.
Wifes friend 1: 36, Small saggy b****, Shaved bald.
- Changing 3 times, Applying lotion2 times.
She is a very pretty girl with 2 kids and started out small chested and the kids destroyed what little b**** she had, They are small, Saggy and stretched out, She has a few extra pounds but a decent bum, She sits on the edge of the bed naked texting twice for a minute or two before getting dressed, Sadly only one, three second p**** shot from the front but she keeps it shaved.
Wifes friend 2: 39, D-cups, Racing stripe.
- Changing 12 times, Applying sunscreen 10 times, getting groped every day, 1 b******, 1 Quicky.
Her and her husband stayed with us a dozen times, He always tries to get some but she has only sucked him off once with him on his back and her big b**** hanging down, she got up after spitting his load in a towel, She has big b**** and he always plays with them until she smacks him away, One is a bit bigger than the other but they still look nice, Big, chubby bum, P**** shaved with just a thin stripe of hair, Stands with p**** right in front of the camera for 3 minutes looking in the mirror then bends over the bed, Cant really tell from the camera angle but he was slow putting it in and she didn't look like she was enjoying it too much so I think he f***** her in the ass, only lasts about 2 1/2 minutes but he c*** hard and flops down on the bed after.
All in all a wonderful investment, Hopefully the wifes sister brings her new boyfriend out this year and hopefully he f**** the s*** out of her in the daylight or with the lights on or maybe more masturbating, Definitely need more of her sisters or friends masturbating, Her mom rubbing one out would be super hot too.


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    I have vids to trade, id love to se your work

  • Where did you buy the clock from? I want one

  • Way to go.

  • Where can I see your pictures and videos. Email me at tommcam at gee male dot com

  • You're a disgusting pig, I hope you get caught.

  • How rude. this man is a hero.

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