Military surprise

I joined the army out of high school. After basic training and postal school I was assigned to a base in Kassel, Germany. I was a farm boy and this was my first time of being away from home. The sgt. in charge of my postal unit came by one day and started asking me questions like did I leave a girl behind? No I said. I was very shy and never pursued girls. You realize I'm your company commander. Yes Sir I said. What I'm about to ask I will deny if you mention to anyone about our conversation. You as he looked at my name tag Alex are to pretty to be a boy. I know I turned red. I did have a baby face. I have an apartment off base and I want to have you over so we can get better acquainted. I was nervous but I said ok. Very good Alex I will expect you to meet me outside the gate Saturday evening around 7. I never told anyone about my meeting the Sgt. That evening I was waiting and he pulled up and said hop in. We went directly to his place. As we ate he said have you ever had s** with a girl. No I said. Or a guy? Oh no I said. Well there is a first time pretty boy. After dinner I would love to have you as dessert. I smiled but deep down I was scared. He took me by the hand and led me to his couch. He took off my shirt and began to caress my nipples. He took my face in his hands and turned it toward his and gave me gentle kisses. Oh my God are you sweet he said. I didn't have any choice but to respond. I began to kiss him and soon he had me naked and wanted for me to touch his d***. It got hard really quick and he said now Alexis put those pretty 👄 lips on it. It was weird but I did as he said. Begin to go up and down on it princess. I felt thick goo inside my mouth and he said you caused this so swallow all my goodness. I drained every drop. As the evening went on he put his hard d*** in my butt. I didn't really like all we did but I didn't hate some of it either. He said that while I was stationed there I would really have it easy if I became his lover. I smiled and gave him a kiss. Guess I'll be yours Sgt. good good princess.

Dec 26, 2016

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  • This is why f@ggots must never be allowed in the military. Death penalty for these scumbags. Death to all of them. They'll all burn forever eventually.

  • Ah but it's just a story. That guy was never in the military. Enlisted Sergeants are not company commanders; commissioned officers (e.g. a Captain) are.

  • Good god how disgusting. Liar.

  • Sorry to disappoint but Sgt. Kama ski took good care of me and I kept him satisfied for 2 and a half years.

  • I am so happy for u

  • Bullshit, fake a*** story!

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