In love with a lesbian

It's a sad existence and it's not made any better by her mixed signals and the way she acts around me. I like her a great deal and I haven't told her once but she seems to get some sorta amusement or sexual kick out of tormenting me, which is strange considering she's usually all cutesy and innocent. We were wrestling and she put her leg between mine and pressed down a bit and whispered "just a reminder that I'll always have some sort of power over you..." Usually, this would be a no brainier green light, but as I said in the title: she's not into guys. Strangely enough though, I set her up with a girl that she liked and it never seemed to go anywhere...? So maybe she secretly is into guys after all? I need help, big time.

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  • The woman that I love found out she is a lesbian. We have been married for 26 years. S** was real good when she was young but then it was deteriorating to the point that she’s never in the mood and we almost never have s**. Some two months ago she accepted to have s** but it was obviously charity because she didn’t even got wet and after I came she told me it has been very boring that we needed to get some toys or something. She has never been a kinky girl but I considered it as a way to spice things up. We looked at some websites and she seemed to know what she wanted but didn’t let me buy anything. She told me she was going to borrow one from her friend to see if it works. She brought a d**** and a wand vibrator. She showed me how to use both at the same time. She was so knowledgeable I got her rocks off several times. Obviously this is not your first time I told her. She confessed she had been doing it with a friend from work. She is 25 years younger and recently divorced. She told me they have had very good times together and that they have also kissed although they mainly get together to use the toys.

  • Waste of time if a chicks not blowing you with in three weeks move on

  • Speak for yourself, no one else!

  • Its leading on to get free drinks and meals

  • I made the same mistake as you. I dated and fell in love with a gay woman and it cost me dearly emotionally. Give up. the relationships going nowhere.

  • It's tough to say, not knowing her age. If she is young (30 or under even), she might still be finding her identity and orientation. However, if she is 50 and says she's lesbian, well, she's a lesbian, and she just went on a bad date. The same could be true for the former also.

  • A person can continue to find themselves, beyond 30. Finding one's self, isn't just for people aged 30 years and below.
    I'm over 30 and have realised, I'm attracted women and no longer attracted to men.

  • Maybe she's actually "Pansexual" and not a lesbian. Maybe, she's attracted to your personality and heart, not your gender. Perhaps, she's confused about her sexuality at the moment. Maybe she once identified as being a lesbian, but may have feelings for you, that makes her confused. Talk to her. Either way, she shouldnt lead you on like that, you're a person with real emotions. However, is it possible you're misconstruing her mannerisms, because you have feelings for her?

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