Step Daughter of 12 makes me want to leave and disappear

I need help.
I feel hopeless and so unhappy.
I want to leave my husband.
We have been together for 2 years, he has a 13 year old and 12 year old daughter and 18 year old son, i have a 11 year old girl and a son of 15.
I am currently Pregnant, a high risk pregnancy.
I have had issues with his daughter since the day before our wedding when i over heard her talking to her mother who has not seen her in almost 5 years.
I feel uncomfortable in my own home.
she makes comments when her dad is not around and gives me dirty looks, when her dad is around she is all sweet as pie.
she came to me the other day and told me she is dating a 17 year old.
she is 12 I told my husband, the next day he comes to me and tells me she is not and i must stop my s***.
I don't know what to do any more.
She is also influencing my lil one, to date boys and stuff.
I feel so sad all the time and hurt and i will rather just go, because she has her dad confidence she is so sweet and nice, but she evil, i have never ever come across a child like this.
She is always on the phone with her mother and she will say mean things about me to her so i can hear. Never when her dad is around.
A few weeks ago I spoke to my husband about her dirty looks and thinks she says when he is not around. And he called her into the room, and she started crying and saying she would never so that.
Again I made to look evil.
She is even turning my daughter against me.


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  • Thank you every one for advice.
    My husband is very close to his sister. So I spoke with her, and she said she has noticed how the child has been with me. She spoke to my husband,but like she had seen it. Well my husband gave it to his daughter. And he apologized to me. Things seem to be better. We now have our one month old Lil miracle. And I do my best to make his children and my children part of the babits world and make them feel that the baby is not nice 1. His daughter seems to really like baby, and will out of her own come ask to hold the baby. So all seems okay for now. I am more open now with her,and tell her how I see it.
    Thank you again every one

  • You should have never married him. You butted in to someone else's life, a family that doesn't want a complete stranger interfering. The girl is right to be p*****, her father is cheating on her mother with a dumb b**** like you. Get the f*** out of there already.

  • You confused. Her father was not with any one when we meet. And her mother left herror 5 years ago. Before you name call someone learn to read!!!!

  • Others have recommended family counseling. I tried with my husband and his 14yo nightmare of a daughter but it did no good. I started going to a new counselor on my own and she really opened my eyes. This wasn't my problem, it was my husband's.

    Your husband needs to choose a side. Either he's a parent with you, or he's his daughter's friend. He can't have it both ways. If he can't or wont support you then you need to pack and go. Simple as that.

    I've been free 2-years, found a great new guy and remarried. Meanwhile, my ex-husband is now a grandfather, his daughter a single mother.

  • P.S. Several people have recommended you record her behavior. This will not work. You will record her antics and show the video to your husband and he will see only what he expects and downplay what is destroying your life. You need to get your husband on your side, as a partner, in order to deal with this. Short of that your best option is to leave.

  • Your letting a 12 yr control your life! Secretly record her when it's just the two of you, then show it to her father. Tell him why you did it and how it makes you feel and that if he really loves you, he will talk to his daughter and hopefully you can all sit down and come to some sort of resolution.

  • Record her

  • You're not this child's friend, you are a parent. However, you keep having to go to your husband to tell on her and he undermines you. Get her mom, you and your husband into family counseling now. This is a blended family and adults should be running the house, not these kids. If you don't think this is going to work, grab your kids and file for divorce.

  • Her mother has not seen her in 5 years

  • I agree, get you get all your friends and family together to help you and leave today! But before you leave, smack that bitxh in her face!

  • Dude get out of there it won't get better

  • Leave

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