My husband is an idiot

I am 38 years old, Been married for 14 years and just realized my husband is an idiot, I have never since we have been together, Not even while dating done anything in any way shape or form to give him the idea that I would ever approve of a three way.
Last weekend we went out partying with some friends, One of his friends stayed at our place and yes, I was drunk, He was drunk, His friend was drunk, Yes I am flirty, That's my personality, That's how I have always been but that's no reason to think I would ever do anything.
We got home, Crawled into bed and I was feeling a bit frisky so we started messing around, We were having s** on our side with him behind me and his friend who I have known literally as long as my husband, I met him the same night, He walked right in to our room, Buck naked, Full h****** and walked up to the edge of the bed and stood there, I stopped and looked at him then looked back at my husband who was still trying to f*** me as I tried to cover up, He leaned in thinking he was being all smooth and whispered "Suck his d***", WTF, Really, I was in shock and at a loss for words, I couldn't believe what was happening, I looked back at his friend as he stood there shaking his d*** in my face and finally mustered the words "F*** no", I managed to wiggle away from my husband and went to the walk in closet, I had my back to the door and bent over to get some clothes out of the dresser and felt some hands cup my b**** and a wiener poking me from behind, I thought it was my husband and stood up shoving back, I couldn't even say anything, I didn't have words at the moment but he groped my b**** again with one hand and reached down rubbing my vag, I spun around to give my husband s*** and it was his friend.
I was trying not to completely freak out so I pushed him back and said "No, No, No" and quickly put some clothes on, I told him to get out and he did, I came out of the closet and my husband was till in bed, I freaked out on him as quietly as I could and all he could say was "I just thought maybe we could try it", I told him "that's something you might want to have a conversation about, Not have your friend walk in on us and then molest me in the closet", I explained that no matter what it was never going to happen and what they did was SOOOOOO wrong.
How can he be so stupid.


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  • My husband did a similar thing but I woke up to my husband watching his friend touching me and rubbing his p**** on my mouth.
    Thank god I woke up when I did or who knows how far it would have gone, When he already had one hand between my legs and was rubbing his (Gag) come on my mouth...Still don't know who but one of them had left their load on my chest and since my husband (I should mention ex) was still wacking off I am pretty sure it was his friend.
    Hmmmm, Kind of rapy...I think so and looking back I should have done more than divorced him.

  • Girls who like drinking, and especially girls who like to get drunk, are super-sexy! I love drinking. Drunk s** is awesome too!

  • Sorry for how profoundly misguided your husband is - he clearly has no understanding of consent. Send him to some consent workshops.

  • Sounds like you secrets enjoyed it and want it again. Just admit it and have a second f*** night

  • 38 that p**** must be real loose

  • Not loose at all. My husband's phallus is tiny. So I'm proud of my tight hole.
    Unfortunately for him, his ass isn't. I ram it every night, with a 10inch d****! You should hear his screams of pain and pleasure! He loves it!

  • Your a*** must be loose

  • Hahahhaha

  • What an awkward moment. Your husband definitely wants to have a threesome, so you should talk it over. If it is not something you're into, let him know.

  • It doesn't seem like, she's into it lol
    it's self evident in her confession.

  • True

  • You should let your husband lead. If he wants a 3 some then that is the way it should be!

  • Lol I think he secretly wants to f*** his friend and he's using his wife as an excuse, to fulfil his fantasy. Who knows what would've transpired between them, if the threesome was agreed by everyone from the start :\

  • He should lead his own c***, right up his friends a*** and leave his wife alone!

    Sounds like a great two-way to me. Even better, his friend should ride his bottom and he'll know how it feels fir a change, to be the receiver.

  • Lol

  • 14 years to realise something - what does that make you?

  • Fourteen years to take action, without his wife's consent - what does that make him?

  • Time is irrelevant. As the man, he is the superior partner & leader in the marriage, period. That makes you the clear subordinate. You will simply accept & respect his decisions. Deal with it.

  • Men are superior to women physically, but not mentally and emotionally.

  • Lol wrong person. Get it right man!

  • He is indeed an idiot

  • .. No more than you're a sexist.

  • You're sexist, not you're a sexist. It would be correct if you added a noun on the end of that sentence like for example "You're a sexist pig"

  • Damn stfu you think anyone cares about proper grammer on here ?

  • Some people who aren't scumbags care rather than trying to exchange dialogue with the illiterate or ignorant. e.g. Take yourself, stfu is not found anywhere in the English language or dictionary. Moreover, the word is GRAMMAR fool.

  • Theres more to know in this world than grammar and spelling i very likely have more money than you ;)

  • Bless you and your money. The most important thing in my life, is being healthy :)

  • Good for you lol

  • I completely agree :-)

  • Lol obviously, you don't :)

  • Someone using lol is a grammar pro right?

  • I wouldn't know the answer to that lol
    but I'm sure - you do ;)

  • Assume whatever you want lol I know the truth about myself, not you or anyone else :)

  • Youre the stupid one things like three ways keep things fun. keep being a prude see how far that gets you.

  • You understand nothing, if you believe this is the actual issue alone!

    You're the stupid one, not the OP!

  • F*** you prude....

  • No thank you, I have my woman to do that. But thanks for the offer.

  • Shes getting f***** by someone on the side dont worry

  • Lol if she is, it'll be by another woman and not a man

  • I believe it. I can just imagine her with that strap on plastic phallus drilling your hairless b******* with you on your belly, FREAK.

  • Lol seems like you've experienced this, yourself. Fortunately for me, it's not a fantasy and preference for me. But I don't judge those, that indulge in these particular s** acts.

    So I'm not judging you. However, is it exhilarating for you, when you get sodomised?

  • Lol!!!!

  • Lol!

  • What's the matter, don't want your husband to know that you'd enjoy it? Or are you already f****** his friend and don't like the idea of f****** your husband at the same time.

  • Maybe, maybe not in this case however there are many broads that employ that m.o. in principle.

  • Did you not read the part about her husband, allowing his friend to sexually harass his woman!

    It might not have been so bad, if he discussed it with his wife beforehand first, giving her the opportunity to agree with it or not. But he didn't, he assumed it would be ok and took the choice away from her. That's not great, when you're in a committed relationship fool! You have to discuss things first. What's wrong with inconsiderate people like you, how can you not understand that!

  • You're dense at best. Look, it has been & always will be the Man's role to guide a relationship in the best interest of both due to females at times being confused with their emotions when attempting to reason it out. Moreover, they learn that the choice isn't always theirs to make. In a attempt to avoid further confusion for his compliant mate, the man was quite considerate to assume she would appreciate his decision. Again, in the end the man was right of course. She will thank him one day in the future because she knows she enjoyed the experience, aside from the emotions expressed here.

  • My hubbys boss found me attractive during their annual function. We danced together after hubby introduced him and post dinner, his boss arranged to drop us home. Next week, hubby informs me that his boss wants me and that I have to oblige as appraisals were due. I resisted for a week but gave in to his demand and now my hubby is a regional manager.

  • Lol seems like you're the one, whose dense.
    Once again, I respect your opinion, but don't agree with it. Simple as that :)

  • How can you not understand that she also admitted she likes to flert with men all the time. That tells me she likes f****** with other guys. I think she's a s*** and just doesn't want her husband to know it. Why else do women flirt with guys? You f****** idiot.

  • Bingo!

  • Zero

  • Bingo!!

  • Lol zero!

  • For a start, everyone is different and should be treated individually. When you state - why else do women flirt with guys - that implies you're assuming every woman is the same and everyone would know, that's a stupid assumption to make.

    Plus, not all women are hetero, like some guys aren't either. So stop generalising.

    And just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean you have to be defensive about it. I'm assuming you're an ignorant person with little life experience, because of what you conveyed in your comment and because of the language used.

    It's a shame.

  • She actually didn't state she flirts with other men. She conveyed she's flirty, as that's her personality.

    She's been married 14 years and her husband apparently knows this about her. So if it was a concern, don't you think he would've addressed his reservations awhile back? And just because she's flirty, doesn't automatically mean she'd be okay, with her husband arranging an three way without her consent, with his friend.

    If you're stating he did this because of her flirty nature, why did he wait fourteen years to do this and not do it from when they first started dating?

    Plus, there is different variations of flirtiness from; flirty talk to out right physical flirty. But either way, her husband should've discussed a threesome with her beforehand and not assume she'd be game for a three way with it.

    If you still don't comprehend that as an issue. We'll agree to disagree, because I'll never agree with you and I stand by my comment.

    I respect your opinion, but don't agree with it. I'm diplomatic like that.

  • Okay first, due to you admittedly being female, credibility is the immediate issue here. Second, we have no concept regarding the general demeanor you & your spouse carry for each other ; i.e. we are unaware of how much tolerance is generally accepted unspoken between you two. Every relationship has boundaries in the modern age. You never stated how "open" or sharing your union may be. Third, alcohol is a key factor in the equation. Also however, what is key is that when a female tells her rendition of what occurred, SHE is always her "sunday best" ; unaccountable for any wrongdoing. Furthermore, dames always "push the envelope", if you will.
    Another key factor present is that females always play the victim card in a conflict & look for a crutch. That stated, you are not off the hook here by any means.
    You make quite a sweeping generalization when you attempt to excuse any of your actions by admitting your flirtatious habits are part of your personality. As such, just because you have always exploited your flirtations does NOT hold you any less accountable for being provocative & inviting. One needs to ask, what type of flirtations you displayed ; you have no idea of how they are received & you don't dictate the rules for everyone.
    The conclusion is that there are too many variables present here & we can be certain you didn't include every item necessary for an accurate account of what occurred. I'm sure you & your spouse have at least discussed having another man present during sexual activity or this sequence would not have transpired. You may desire a similar scene in the future. You just weren't quite ready for it yet. My advice to you is to be cool about what occurred & remember that communication is key to successful matrimony.

  • No not getting fat and being a b**** with no libido is the way to keep it going

  • Someone's deflecting. Seems like you need to take, your own advice

  • I disagree

  • First off my being flirtatious is not now nor has it ever been an invitation for a man to think he can f*** me let alone to think he may join me and my husband in bed, You men need to realize that although you are just a walking, Talking p**** most of the time with only one thought in your head that even if I am buck naked, Flirting and rubbing my t*** in your face you only have the right to touch me if I say so.

  • To quote the great Reagan, "there you go again". You keep accentuating how uneducated you are by stating more of these sweeping generalizations that lack any foundation. First liberal, you need to wake up & smell the roses. You ARE quite dense upstairs, as you demonstrate very well in your reply. On The Contrary & as you documented here, your leading, flirtatious routine is inviting enough & indeed responsible for landing another man naked & nearly into bed with you & your spouse. It is also & obviously an invitation for him to nearly penetrate you with his manhood when you conveniently bent over for him. You can disagree all you want girl however the inviting nature of your actions, habits & demeanor easily overrule any verbal requirement.
    Don't even bother with foolish permissions here ; due to the female gender losing so much credibility, all sexual "abuse" & "assault" has become no fault. As me dear departed father used to say : "you write your own ticket" & "you make your own luck".

  • I'm sure the OP wrote, "she was making out with her husband" when their friend entered their room/space naked. How did she lead that guy on from another room?
    Are you serious! And because she bent over to pick her clothes up, that in your mind means, she was inviting the guy to sexually molest her! Once again, are you serious.

    I bend over all the time, if I need to pick something up or do whatever, unaware and oblivious of whoever is watching. Does that mean I'm inviting some highly sexed individual to sexually molest me?! Once again, are you serious! When she bent over she might have been so incensed with anger due to her husbands admission and the violation of his friend, that she didn't think he may have misconstrued the situation because of his overactive horniness and idiotic imagination. Have you considered that, It's not her fault?!

    Once again are you being serious?!

  • You've misused your father's saying's, to accommodate your misguided and ignorant opinions. Disrespectful really

  • Poor reply at best. Forget the diversion. Again, you can disagree all you want however the main message is spot on & you know it, regardless.

  • Lol the main message is spot on in your opinion, because it's your opinion and you wrote it. That's why you agree with it, which is fair enough. Like I've stated before, I respect your opinion but don't agree with it :) You could at least appreciate that, seeing that you agree with your own opinion.

  • Okay girl, I appreciate knowing the reality of you being so buried in your emotions over what you posted that all you can do is mainly disagree with my healthy, accurate conclusions. You are so buried in those emotions that you don't even know WHY you disagree. It's just convenient to state that in deference for now. I get that. You don't know what you prefer or when you prefer it sexually which is why it further supports your spouse's decision regarding what occurred & when. If you're ever able to settle your emotions regarding this, in my opinion you will welcome it more in the future.

  • Woman, not girl.

  • Wrong person again lol!

    You seriously have issues with making, continuous "assumptions!"

    Damn lol bless you and thank you,
    for making me smile.

  • I agree

  • And that's what's wrong with women today. You all think it's OK to sexually assault a man by rubbing your t*** and p**** on some guy, but when he reciprocates, you cry foul. Go get you pink p**** hat out and go cry with the rest of the Trump haters.

  • I've never sexually assaulted anyone! I wouldn't want to be sexually assaulted, so why would I do that to someone else!
    And not forgetting, it's an unlawful violation and criminal offence to do so and morally wrong. Not unless all parties are up for it and it's part of a sexual foreplay/role play, not actually real!

    Plus, I'm not into guys and even if I was, I still wouldn't! I wouldn't want to do that to women either!

  • I completely disagree

  • What, you disagree about women crying foul? Or that it's not OK for women to sexually assault a man?

  • No explanation needed, because you're no one important to me. Accept my comment or not, It's your business.

  • No explanation needed because you're backed into a corner and either direction makes you sound like a sexist pig. Funny how women shutdown when the tables turn.

  • Believe whatever you want to believe, that comforts your ego :) I for one know myself and that's why I find your comment amusing.

  • You should cut your husband some slack. For starters, the threesome was another guy. That means his intentions were to please you. If the other person had been a woman, then I could see you being mad. I agree he probably should have discussed it with you so you knew what was going on, but don't falt the guy for trying to keep your s** life exciting. Too many couples let their s** life go boring and then someone ends up cheating. You should just talk to him and let him know he should have asked first, then find a common idea to spice up your sexual life.

  • You completely don't get it and never will!
    Enough said! We'll agree to disagree

  • I am pretty sure his intentions were not to please me, I think his intentions were to please him and his friend.

  • I agree with you completely! Your husband should be ashamed of himself, allowing his friend to attempt to f*** you and molesting you in the process! Who does he think he is, telling you to suck his friends c***!

    Maybe he should suck it and f*** Hus friend himself, if it's so important to him!

  • You're beyond despicable.

  • Thank you :)

  • You have been married to each other for 14 years. Ask yourself (and be honest) if s** is getting boring. If you can honestly say no, then maybe look at it from your husband point of view and ask the same question. How many positions do you two try? Is it only ever missionary? Where do you two have s**? Is it only ever in the bed room? Do you dress up? Or roll play? Seriously, I agree that it was for his benefit, but your husband could have just as easily brought a women into the bedroom. He brought a guy because he wanted you to benefit as well. Again, I think he should have asked first, but he didn't and you can't change that now. For real, talk to him and discuss what needs to change in your s** life. Obviously either he has a problem, or he thinks you have a problem with him. Find out what the problem is and move forward. I mean obviously you love him, or you wouldn't have been so upset.

  • I don't agree

  • You don't agree there's a problem? Are you blind, or delusional?

  • I didn't state I agree there's not a problem! Don't make assumptions and don't finish my comment for me, when you know nothing! You're simply delusional, not me!

    Now check yourself!

  • I was simply pointing out that there is a problem that both of you need to work out by talking. My delusional statement is asking you to be open minded. Something that a lot of people can't do when they are too upset. Did you actually come on here to workout the problem? Because from some of the other comments it looks like they all just want to f*** with you, and that is not my intention. Now, if you would like to be open minded and work on the problem, I'd be happy to help, otherwise I'll let you be. Also, please remember that solving a problem doesn't work if I join in on hating or bashing your husband.

  • I'm not the OP lol what's wrong with you?

  • Oh, I'm sorry. You're a troll who still lives with mommy and daddy and will never know problems that most real adults face. Crawl back under your rock.

  • Lol you need to take your own advice. What sort of person continues to make assumptions and inaccurate one's at that! What's wrong with you? Lol you're making assumptions again!

    You're insanely funny lol :) Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today

  • You don't like assumptions, then maybe you should start explaining better so the reader knows what the h*** you're talking about. If you don't like that, then you can go f*** yourself.

  • If the reader doesn't know what assumptions I'm referring to, that denotes they have a problem - not me :-)

    And thank you, I f*** myself all the time and enjoy. I just f***** myself ten minutes and it was great.

  • Haaahaaaa!!!

  • The problem is her husband giving consent to his friend, to molest his wife without her consent. That's the problem!

  • The consensus here outside of a few sexist dames will eventually be that there wasn't a problem with what transpired. One genuine fact is that most if not all women need a man for decision making, due to their distracting emotional issues. Case closed.

  • Lol case closed in your opinion, but it's not as simple as an open and closed case, when everyone has different personal perspective's and opinions on regards to the content of this confession. It's only deemed a closed case by someone whom is ignorant and has narrowminded views like yourself.

    It's a shame really, because it's always good to keep an open mind about everything and anything in general. When a person stops/or isn't open minded to begin with and isn't willing to perceive all angles of a situation, that's when the person becomes cynical and ignorant. It's never too late, to change and keep learning.

    One can never presume to know everything and think they're accurate about everything. To do so, would be truly stupid.

  • As if your husband, permitted his friend to sexually molest you. What the "f" is wrong with him? I'm appalled by his behaviour. He's supposed to protect your from outside sexual advances from other men, not exploit you!

    Fair enough, it was his friend you've both known for years. But it's still not right!

    If you wanted a three-way, surely a discussion beforehand to consent or not consent to one, would've been great.

    If I were you - be careful being drunk around your husband and his friend, because you don't know what your husband might have planned.

  • The internet

  • Lollol

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