Valentines day horror story

I posted this some years ago but I imagine its been forgotten and I'm equallu sure there are new members.

Just before Saint Valentines day in 1985 my wife and I were in bed. We had been having problems and it was about to get worse. She suddenly st up in the darkness and yelled at me, "you took me away from Randy the man I really loved" I asked her if she wanted a divorce and she said "no I'll just live off of you" I replied that I would be looking for a lawyer in the morning. She was silent briefly but then in a panicked voice she said "your not kidding, your serious" I told her to shut up and let me sleep and I would delay calling the lawyer.

She then shut up and lay down seemingly frightened. The next morning she told me she didn't want to talk about it and I told her never again.

Valentines day was the next week and I could not bring myself to buy her any candy, send her a valentine or take her to a nice restaurant and eat.

In May she had a similar temper fit in which she made fun of my friends crippled leg and his daughters overbite. She then told me she hated my expletive deleted family.

This time I got a lawyer and divorced her.

Anyone else have a story this bad?

Feb 11, 2017

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  • Mine isn't a horror story.

    Valentine's Day 2008 - I was 24 and bought a few valentine's treats for my boyfriend of 9 months at the time, on my way home from work.

    When I arrived home, my boyfriend arrived shortly after. It didn't allow me more time, to prepare the table and light the candles beforehand. He was also in a miserable mood and that night I lost my virginity to him, which was a little traumatic really, as it was absolutely rubbish. I regretted it instantly, as he pushed himself forcefully into me, without any thought and consideration of my well-being. He didn't caress me or was gentle. I didnt think he'd treat me like that.

    Anyways, I managed to push him off me and I'm happy he didn't get to finish enjoying himself. I told him to leave and that we're over.

    The following day, I packed his few belongings he brought to mine, throughout our relationship and left them on the doorstep. I texted him to pick his s*** up and then I changed my phone number.

    It may seem harsh to others, but he seemed so aggressive and unloving during my first time, I just wish I stopped it before he entered me. His actions spoke volumes to me and I could visualise what it would be like, if we continued dating after that. So I ended it swiftly.

    I didn't date for two years after that and then I met an incredible person. We've been together ever since, for eight lovely years and he treats me like a princess, in all areas on my life and hide versa.

  • Of life and hide verse :) Just correcting.

  • Back in 1842 on Valentines Day I was all alone on a gold prospecting trip out in what was then still considered the wild west. I was severely dehydrated from countless days of traversing the desert terrain when what should appear on the distant horizon but the most beautiful shapely woman of my dreams motioning me towards her with her arms in the air. As sick and tired as I was at the time, I got my second wind and ran at her with the last of my might. As I ran, I began stripping myself of my soiled clothing and tripping in the process over my tattered pants. I got several mouthfuls of sand which only served to add to my thirst. Yet I did not care for there was this most fantastical woman beckoning my ever closer. By the time I reached her, I was completely naked and badly burned from falling in the scorching sand. Still I didn't care. I was fully erect and jumped on her, wrapping my legs and arms around her and humping for dear life! It wasn't until after I came that I noticed the stinging blood flowing down my torso! My entire body seemed to be pierced by a million stinging needles. I tell you what, I'll be darned if it wasn't a cactus! Wheeeww weeee! Youch!

  • I was waiting for my husband to come home from work wearing only a red satin sash that said" be mine". I heard the garage door open ,then the entrance door from the garage into our kitchen . I jumped out and yelled surprise " be my valentine ! only to see two men that worked with my husband carrying in our new dishwasher all they said was, "Mike had to run back to the shop ,sorry I thought you knew we were coming". Yes they saw it all! I don't think I was ever so embarrassed in my life. I know its not as bad as the ones I have read on here but this is my horror story. lol

  • I had a similar thing happen but on my husband's birthday. I had made sure our kids were out for the night, I heard the front door open , ran to our entrance way completely naked only to come eye to eye with my 16yr old daughter and her boyfriend . She had a look of horror and screamed , he had a huge smile on his face. lol

  • Love it. Such a fun story.

  • My valentine horror story was finding out the girl I raised for ten years turned out not to be my biological daughter.It was Valentines day, we had planned to go to dinner , my daughter was at her grandmother's and my wife was getting dressed. There was a knock on my door , the man around my age introduced himself then he immediately said I hate to do this and on all days but you need to know Carly is my biological daughter, I got the results back today ,I'm sorry. I don't think I comprehended what he was saying for a few seconds but it eventually sunk in. I stood on my doorstep hearing how this man and my wife had a week long affair while I was gone on a training course for work. My wife had called him telling him there was a chance he might be the father after she turned up pregnant. He told me at the time he thought she was lying and broke off all ties with her. After a near death experience he contacted my wife and needed to know the truth. They had the paternity test and he was her biological father. I filed for divorce the very next day. I could not live with her one more day after she knew for ten years that another man might be the father.

  • So sad

  • I agree

  • 1995 two days before valentines day I was working the 3 to 11 shift . There was a transformer fire that knocked power out to our building only three hours into my shift. I drive home to see my brother in law's truck in my driveway( wife's sister's husband) . Not thinking anything of it I walk into the house , no one in sight , walk back to our bedroom and you guessed it I opened the door to find him f****** my wife. I hadn't ever even once thought she was or would cheat on me but there they were right in my bed. I calmly walked out picked up the phone called my sister in law telling her I just caught her husband f****** my wife, her sister. He ran out of the house, got in his truck and drove off, my wife was crying and begging me not to leave her. I looked her right in the eye and told her I wasn't going anywhere but she better get her stuff packed because she was leaving. I then pulled the mattress of the bed, drug it outside and lit it on fire. How is that for a crappy valentines day experience?

  • It is in fact worse than mine.

  • Sorry to hear that man thats tough.

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