I'm a fraud

I write,,,sort of. I have written a handful of short stories that I like, and my friends, the very are I have, seemed to have liked them too. But I’m sure nowhere as much as me. I spent 6 years writing a novel and I finished it Sept 9, 2016. Since then I have been working on the 2nd draft. That’s what I tell myself anyway. In truth I have not done a damn thing with it going on months now. Like all men who are failures, I have an excuse. Winter is too depressing and too cold for me to go out. I can not write at home, too many distractions so I go to the library to get work done.

Now I have one more snow storm heading my way in a few hours this March 10 (glad the leaders of my government don’t believe in Global Warming) which I consider pretty late in winter. But after that, the weather should be fine for me to go out to my ‘office’ and finish so I can get some Beta Testers started.
I really want to be a writer and not a hobbyist. I just have to ‘Put Ass to Seat’ and do the work. Stop whining and the sooner I do it, the sooner my dreams will come true

Mar 10, 2017

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  • Louis CK has a computer that is not connected to the internet to do his writing. lots of people do it. the internet is a colossal distraction. you need to get unplugged.

  • Whats the issue here?

  • My thoughts exactly

  • Your thoughts are the issue here.

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