I want my wife to get fatter

My wife is 5’3” and ranges anywhere from 265 to almost 300 lbs and is very round.

She has struggled with her weight for some time and has decided to get bariatric surgery for health reasons.

I recently admitted that I love fat girls which she found **.

I am 100% supportive of her decision to lose weight but also want to tell her to let herself go completely between now the surgery. She gains weight super easily so it’s possible she would balloon up. The idea of her going over 300 lbs before losing all the weight is super ** and would love to be able to spoil her with sweets and food until then.

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  • Women, women just let yourself go, you will be super happy. I was 20 when I met my husband and he told me he was attracted to my shape and muffin top. I was 5'7" and 155 pounds fairly tall for a female and curvy and he was 6'5" and in real good shape which is what attracted me to him. We got married a year later and that's when I started to gain because he was so into my body. One evening he asked me if my gaining weight was turning me off and it was then I realized my weight turned him on so I said to him if I would gain weight would this make you happy and he said yes and he said he would do anything including feeding me to see what kind of results we could get. Over the next 8 years he would feed me all kinds of take out and high calorie foods along with potato chips and dips and lots of candy. Today I weight 502 pounds and I don't want to stop and I am just 30. I really only wear track pants and t-shirts outside because they are the only clothes that fit. My belly hangs halfway down my meaty thighs and the last bra I bought was specially made and was a size 60 LL. Around my hips I measure 96" and I waddle when I walk because of all my weight and super thick thighs. My husband tells me I am so beautiful and waits on me constantly and because I'm so happy I don't plan on stopping and hope to add another 100 pounds this year for him and myself.

  • I agree, very hot to think of a fat woman getting enormous before surgery, just letting go, pants not closing, face getting fatter, becoming a cute butterball, "Oh, my!" type of thing.

  • 5'3 and between 265 and 300? **, that's a lot of fat! She must be great to hug and cuddle with. To think of her taking the brakes off before surgery and ballooning to, say, 340 pounds (at which time you should definitely take photos!) is totally hot. (My last GF was 317 pounds and 27 years old and omg...FAT! :)

  • I know someone who deliberately gained over 80 pounds so she could qualify for disability at her job. I didn't recognize her, she looked 20 years older with the weight, though I didn't tell her that, of course. I remember she raised her hand to signal the waitress and there was this band of flab hanging from her arm. Well, she made it to disability, doesn't have to work, and the checks keep coming, so good on her. It sure looks bad on her, though, and she wasn't exactly great-looking to begin with, sort of a weak chin, eyes close together and stringy hair. And now all the fat. Maybe she just said "** it, I'm never going to be pretty anyway."

  • OMG this is hot as **, I knew a woman who needed to quality for the surgery and she happily ate her way to 340 pounds, her stomach was hanging down her thighs. I don't even know if she got the surgery, but knowing she was gaining weight on purpose and as quickly as possible was hot hot hot.

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