Using Mom

I need to confess what I've done and what I'm sure I'm gonna do with my mom.
She is only 70 bit almost completely lost her faculties and my sister's and I have agreed to care for her in her own home.
Last week my sister had to go to a urgent hospital appointment and left me with mom.
All was normal until she wet herself and there was no one but me to help change her. So I did.
Just nervous about doing this to my own mom, but within minutes of taking her panties off, i lost myself and found myself starting to touch her between her legs, more than just cleaning the pee off her.
When I realised my own mom didn't even resist, that's when I started to do all the wrong things. Before I knew it i was fing ering her and spreading her pus sy lips just to find her cl it. I couldn't believe my eyes.
Given that I was panicking incase my sister came back, instead of doing lots more, i quickly licked her pu ssy, got her dressed​ and pulled my co ck while I put my hand back inside mom's pan ties.
I briefly put her hand onto my co ck too, purely so I would know she had touched me in that way. I shot my load and tidied us both up, then waited for my sister.
To y horror and delight, the family has agreed for me to look after mom for a full day each week from now on and I know for certain that I won't be able to stop myself from playing with her even more. I openly admit that I'm a real risk taker and depraved and I probably will be doing everything and anything i can get away with my mom, due to her dementia preventing her from stopping me.
Being honest, telling you this makes me hard and right now i can't wait to lick and fin ger my mom's pu ssy again, though I have a plan to pretend to get her on her bed to change her, knowing that I'm going to put my co ck inside her.
I know it's wrong but if I can get away with it, I'm going to try and put my co ck in all her holes and c um in them too.
I plan to take some great shots with my cell while I fu ck her and use a few objects in her.
Providing i clean her up well, i can probably get away fu cking my mom for some time.



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  • This is rape even if its your mother and she does not know what is happening. you probably will get rapes when you are her age

  • I'm divorced and live with my mother. She is 73 and has almost completely lost her mind. I sleep in her bed, and I lay her most nights. She seems to enjoy it. Sometimes she calls me by my name, and sometimes by my brother's. I don't have the nerve to ask him if he's also had her. Falling asleep knowing her tight hole is full of my juice is an extra turn on.

  • My mother suffers from dementia. She definitely enjoys being f ucked by me. Occasionally she recognises me and calls me by name. Mum enjoys it, so it's not wrong to f uck her.

  • I know what you mean. M y mum aso suffers from partial loss of facilities. I lay her almost every night, and she gives me great oral. She seldom rememers anything in the morning, though she occassionally asks me if I enjoy using her love tube.

  • My mum is 63 and suffers from dimentia. I and my 15-year old son use her tunnel of love almost every night.

  • My mum is 67, and suffers from dementia. Not a night passes without me giving her a good hard f ucking.

  • This is rape for one and two are you so desperate you will f*** a 70 year old who is your mother like why go f****** hire a w**** or something please

  • I don't know any cat house where the woman takes her teeth out before blowing me.

  • Paying for a woman's puss is nothing compared with ramming one's own mother. Mine has dementia. Most mornings I use her before I start work on my computer, and I use her again at night, often when we're watching television together. Most of the time she just lays there as I pump her tight hole, but occasionally she bucks frantically up at me and groans loudly as she loses all control. She's 65 and l'm 19.

  • Honestly that made me hard I would love to duck my mom she's 35 and we have done a few things together but haven't f***** I am going to try to f*** her and I'm sure if I get her h**** enough she will want me to

  • Great. Please let me know if you manage to get your c*** deep inside her. What things have you done together already?

  • You have any pics ?

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