Party friend

I took a girl I knew from college to a party.She was flirting with all the guys there so I let just let her to see how far she would go and if she cared for me. Saw a another female friend I hadn't seen in a while, got her number and before you know it I lost track of time and Stephanie. I asked one of the guys at the party that I remember seeing if he saw the cute petite brunette that resembled C. Electra and he sort of giggled and pointed to a hallway door.Thinking she was probably inside doing drugs I opened the door and saw her on the bed on all fours getting pumped from behind while sucking on two other guys. Before I could say or do anything one of the guys shouted out to come back in a few minutes.I was in shock and was about to leave her ass there being so embarrassed but I decided it might not be the best idea.After about 30 minutes of waiting I walked in the bedroom and two of the guys were totally dressed walked out and the third guy was mumbling something to the effect she's totally all yours".I signaled for her to get dressed and let's go.On the car ride back not knowing what to say I was upset and yet very aroused. I dont know what made me do it but once inside her apartment I started French kissing her and she reciprocated.Next thing I know she's unzipping my pants and sucking me off. By then thoughts of all those strange c**** c****** inside of her made me want to do the same. This was by far one of the hottest sexual nights I had ever experienced.After it was all said and done I worried about any disease I might have caught. Lucky nothing ever happened.
Sloppy seconds is by far the best sexual experience I have ever experienced!!

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  • May a thousand N1ggers fu3k your wife!

  • I had taken a girl I worked with to a weekend music festival . We went as friends but I was hoping for more with her. Saturday afternoon we are parting , beers and pot, and getting into the bands, I leave to go p*** and when I come back she is gone. A woman that was parting with us said she saw her walking away with a couple guys. I went in the direction she told me only to find her just in the wood line getting f***** by one guy and sucking off another guy, there were other guys there watching her get f*****. Three other guys f***** her before I just turned and walked away really feeling bummed about her.
    When she came back to where we were partying she walked over grabbed my arm and said I saw you watching then pulled me to our tent. She had so much c** in her that it was literally running out of her p**** as I took my turn f****** her.

  • Sounds like a friend of mine who dumped me at a gig so she could get some triple action and left me stranded lucky i wasn't into that stuff but she was like cussing on me just over telling her something and she did the same too busy concern for her s** life then to care about our friendship so I went home alone and never went back and don't even know what became of her, I tried to stop her getting wasted and used but she left me high and dry with no paddle over her overactive s** organs.

  • Gee you are a awful friend, you let your bestie get done over like that!

  • Sounds like your friend is a s** monster so shocking, well all the pretty ones do get all the d**** and are looser whores than the ugly ones!

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