My daughter

There are so many posts by people that "hate" their kids or step kids. I want to make a different post. My daughter is twelve. She's cute, sweet, helpful, funny, smart, and loving. She also has bouts of tween attitude, laziness, and and stubbornness.

I am every bit as enthralled with her at 12 as I was when she was born. I feel so lucky to be that child's mother. I look forward to all our future adventures as we navigate this growing up thing.

I know parenthood isn't all roses and sunshine. I am not trying to come down on those of you that post about your difficulties. I just wanted to show the other side too. Being her mom is such a fun trip.

Hugs for moms, dads, grand parents, step parents, guardians... <3 Protect them and love them. Thanks.

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  • So true. Thank you for this post! Im "only" a stepmom at the moment but I feel so lucky to have her and being her mom is definitely a fun trip!

  • Hey, b****! Any kids are a waste of time and space. Get out of your f****** fantasy world and go stare at your ugly stepdaughter and leave us alone.

  • F*** you and your daughter!

  • Are you saying that you've been having s** with your 12 year old daughter?

  • Me too. Ignore the haters.

  • Do these "future adventures" involve your daughter sucking off your pet dog?

  • I'm only here to read the comments.

  • Me as well! This particular thread as made me literally laugh out loud every time I read it. I'm sure the intent of the original poster was a good one, but how she didn't expect these kind of comments and backlash I'll never know.

  • Hahahahahahaha! This post and all of its comments are ridiculous! In my opinion all of you are spouting off nonsense that nobody gives two s**** and a f*** about! Next!

  • Wonderful expression of love!! It's so refreshing to read in contrast to all the literary eyesores present today. It's a very positive perspective she expressed. The best to her & her girl!!

  • You must suck unicorn d*** too!

  • I can't believe this was even published. What a collossal waste of my time. You love your kids? You want everyone to know how much you adore your little tween? Well, watch out, Helicopter Mom, your bitchy little tween is probably one of the anonymous posters on here who is confessing that she lets a train be run on her by the entire middle school football team. Probably does Meth too! This isn't Fantasy Land, b****! Maybe you should get out of it and go s*** glitter and fairy dust anywhere else but here!

  • You're obviously another punk coming down of your own 'glitter'.

  • This has got to be one of the most ridiculous posts I have read! Nobody cares, b****!

  • Nobody cares about your or the love you have for your children.

  • For real though, I mean, don't you have facebook, instagram, and other social media outlets to bombard us with love about your kids? I mean good for you but the point if confessing is to admit something that isn't popular or received well. We expect people to love their kids, so really you're just a self-indulgent, deluded b**** who thinks random people care about the way you love your kids. You're not trying to bring positivity, you're trying to gloat on your kids by presenting it as if it's altruistic. It isn't. Go somewhere else, precious, and leave the confessing to those who need it!

  • Yaw punk, we believe more like it's time for you to get off whatever substance you're on for bravery before too many people take offense to your retarded comments. Go pretend you're a bull in a china shop somewhere else.

  • Probably not the best audience to try and spread sunshine to, love.

  • Nice supportive comment girl.

  • Honestly...who gives a s***!

  • Lady, this is called confession post! We don't want to hear all about the gushy mushy feelings you have for your f*** trophies!

  • I don't have any kids, but your confessionpost about your kid is awesome!

  • Why don't you go get f***** by a unicorn and have a giant rainbow shoved up your ass!

  • Well done. Me too. Love my kids. Really proud of them.

  • Your whole family needs to be skullfucked.

  • F*** off!

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