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I was on (at age 12) and another window popped up, but it was from Microsoft saying there was a virus on my mom's computer. I freaked out and tried to close the tab, because my p*** was still on, but the message kept blocking me from doing so. I had to use all of the shortcuts to close the tab, and I just ignored the fact that I got a virus on the computer.
2 nights later my mom had somebody in California using her credit card on PlayStation Network, and had an $87 Uber ride. (How the h*** do you spend $87 on UBER? HOW?) Anyways she cancelled her card and neither of my parents even know (this happened a few days ago, so the virus is still in the computer).

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  • And that is one of the reasons as to WHY adult 18+ filters are being put into place in 2018, because of twats like you.

  • You're too young to be on this website! There needs to be a child block on this website or other child safety procedure needs to be done about it! This website inappropriate, damaging and unsafe for children!

  • Pornhub is worse.

  • It's not a competition between which website is the most inappropriate for minors, all p*** sites and websites with inappropriate content is inappropriate full stop! F****** idiot!

  • I was just pointing it out. Jesus Christ...

  • Jesus has nothing to do with anything!

  • Don't ever volunteer the information. First, the episode is over. Second, you don't know for certain that the CC info got taken during your use of the comp. And third, no lasting harm has been done. Keep it all quiet. QUIET.

  • It's not over. Or did you miss the part where he said the computer still has the virus?

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