Girlfriends mom

I was with my girlfriend for 2 years from the get go I was close with her mom and dad got on with them really well he worked away a lot and she and her mom were very close talked about everything the thing was we very rarely did anything and I very rarely saw her naked so when her mom was around and she was walking around in a small towel and nothing else your eyes will look she was not a pretty lady or small booked lady she had massive b**** and droopy ones at that well one night my gf was sleeping and she had all the cats with her I was sleeping down stairs as I don't do cats her dad was away her mom comes in says she is working nights so go use there bed for tonight and we will get the cats out tomorrow for me I was I you sure yes am at work all night so I will be back at ten in the morning so up I went it was about 3oclock and I felt some one get into bed with me I was naked and I thought it was my gf hands were touching me I just let it I pretended to be sleeping then I was getting erect I rolled over still pretending to be asleep thinking go on girl suck it good in your mums bed to mmmmmmm so wrong and she did I just let her do it then she moved I could feel her b**** on me I'm thinking man there a lot bigger than I thought they were I looked down it was her mom she goes to me shhhhhh you don't want to try and explain this do you not a chance I thought so I just let her finish it she said I will not stop when you come just so you no I can say one thing I had f***** her daughter once that's it and now my girlfriend is in the next room and her saggy old mom is sucking the s*** out of my c*** in her bed I am loving this she comes up to me says now that c*** of yours has something going for it I said you have something there I said to her I have to tell you something to I love mature c*** she say to me look I need a drink am going to get one maybe a good idea if you go back to the couch to sleep yes I said so we went down stairs I went with her in to the kitchen she was so how is it with my daughter I was to be honest we have f***** once I was thinking about calling it a day but after that I need to keep it going and I have seen you in your towel walking around the house you are not a pretty lady but you have what I like she is going to me so why only once I said she not into s** what she said I was erect still why not I don't no she bends down to get a drink out of the fridge I don't think she was expecting what I did next I have never been so hard and big I slide in her she moaned she was what I needed I was not gentle I thrust in her I could not help my self I came up her spun her around snogged her groping her sucking her b**** biting her c*** and nips fisting her she let me do what ever I wanted I was going for it

Jul 26, 2017

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