I had no idea.

Last night i walked in on my friend and her husband, We were all hot tubbing at their place for his birthday party (About 10 of us) and about 11:00 her husband had said he had to run to the store for more ice. Shortly after he left she went inside to "Check on the kids" Who were all asleep downstairs in the family room and a few minutes later i needed to use the washroom.
I went to the main washroom and someone was in there so not even thinking i went to sneak in and use the washroom attached to their bedroom, I opened the door and F***!!!!!, There was my friend sitting back on her heels, B**** out and her husband standing in front of her holding her by the hair as she sucked his k***.
I didn't mean to but i looked right at them and he was obviously...Finishing right at that friggin moment, He looked at me, I looked at...It, She pulled back, He came on her face and she squealed putting her hands up as he came again. I started whispering "Oh god, i'm sorry, i am so sorry" but being we had been drinking most of the afternoon i maybe wasn't feeling too smart at that moment and was a little bit in shock at the shear size of his...member but she got up and ran into the bathroom and he just stood there breathing heavy.
It was probably only about 5 seconds but felt like 20 minutes before i finally said "Oh god...i'm sorry" and closed the door. It's no secret among our group that he is well hung, She had mentioned it a few times when we maybe had a few too many and started talking about our husbands but i couldn't believe it. He is absolutely huge, I love my husband and i would say he is a little bit above average for length, Not real thick but the biggest i have been with but next to him my husband would look like a pepperoni stick LOL.
It was for sure the biggest i have seen, Movies, Real life or even in a dream, I stood in the hallway shaking my head and suddenly she opened the door and i turned my head and he was still standing there with no pants on, I quickly turned away and she stepped into the hall and closed the door. I explained why i had walked in and we ended up giggling like a couple school girls about it, We returned to the hot tub and it only took a few minutes before it was common knowledge about me walking in on them and everyone laughed and it became the joke of the night every time someone went to the bathroom that hey better lock the door or i was going to try and walk in on them.
When we got home my husband asked me about it and i had wanted to tell him but didn't want to be the one to bring it up but then he took it a bit too far, We were getting busy and i was in my favorite position being face down on my stomach, A pillow under my hips and him in me from behind and everything was going good, He was leaning in nibbling my ear and pulling on my nips (Which is my thing) and then he whispered "Are you thinking about that big d***", I was into it and moaned "Mmmhmm" and he whispered "Are you thinking about what it would be like to get f***** with that big d***" and again i moaned "Mmhmmm" and nodded my head, Then he pulled my nipples harder and as i started to come he whispered "You want that big d*** in you, Don't you, Say it, Say it" and as we both came at the same time i moaned "God yes, I want him to f*** me, Yes, Yes, Yes".
I was instantly embarrassed but he stayed in me and was still hard, As i tried to move he whispered "wait" and shoved deep in me and came again then got off and i went to the bathroom, When i returned he was just smiling and he thinks it is hot that i said that and at the time it was dirty and hot but i just find it embarrassing now.


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  • I yell my mother in law's name out during s**, after my wife brought it up that it was ok to find her attractive. She told me to close my eyes during s** and imagine her mother. She said I came so hard that day. She would tell me to imagine her again sometimes but I now I do it all the time, yelling her name out as I c**. My wife would like me stop but I can't now.

  • Stupid.

  • Why are you bragging?

  • F*** off all you idiots, Never been caught?, My wife gets h**** when she drinks and we have never had anyone blatantly walk in on us but we have friends who know that we snuck away to have s** or heard us.
    Seems like you all have boring lives...Live a little.

  • Tiresome. repetitive. unoriginal. boring.

  • Enough about you life. If it's that bad, end it!

  • Regular contributor there. You can tell by their writing style. Although I know it's bullshit, I still have to admit this is one of your better stories. Good job!

  • I am sick of these implied dirty confessions and harm it can cause kids and the implied threats to us having to put up with seeing this bogus bs fantasy of some dumbass frustrated wwwhore.

  • Sounds stupid to me. you silly couples sure know how to get your dumb ass selves into a pickle fvvvart p*** action packed time of it then want pity from people. make up your mind!

  • Some loser friends you have f****** at their party house has to be a low down act. can't they control their sexual urges ? they might be a danger to your kids then if they can't control their sexual urges/ or to you or your husband. I can't see the funny side and why would you want some guys dikk just cuz its big, i mean if s** is supposed to be about love not just basics? like how big is your cvnt? could you handle a dikk that big if you are used to smaller? you sound seriously rancid in morals and decayed to giggle about some idiot who has no control over sexual urges while out at a friends, i mean a mature grown adult should have more control with his wife or partner for god sake. i am surprise you all didn't join in maybe next time you, you kids and your husband can have a whole s** feed there with them? you seem so loose moralled.

    how do you know you prefer bigger if you never had bigger?

    what if it had been your kids walking past ?

    sounds like they wanted you to see to get something going in a group s** act to me.

    you should report them for misconduct and god knows ? they could rape you and kill you next like is the tub safe?

  • F*** me you're a dull boring snorefest. Mate. Your partner is ugly or you have no libido. Never had a one night stand, f***** in club, given/received a b****** in a quiet corner outside a bar. Sexual urges make you do that your frigid f******

  • At least I don't do kiddies like you. That story about you and the 9 year old was sick?

  • I totally didn't think of that. For sure they're gonna kill someone!

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