Monthly humiliation

For two years in 1984 and '85 where I was housed in an orphanage in Alabama I was subjected to once a month physical examinations. I was 14 when it first started and the reason was that I got caught having s** with a boy. Once that happened the headmaster Mr. S---------- made me come to his office the first Monday each month after classes. I had to undress in front of him and he had me lay on the table naked. He did wear latex gloves but always examined my b****** first. The worst part of it came when I had to spread my legs wide open as he examined my v***** and a***. I tried to hold back tears but was unsuccessful most of the time. It was the most humiliating time of my life. There were three other girls I know of who were also subjected to the exams at different times. This man got away with it and there was nothing we could do about it. It makes me mad when I read about men who abuse and assault children. I know I was no angel at that age but I the other girls and I didn't deserve to be abused and humiliated the way we were. After all these years I still have vivid memories of those exams and the ways he seemed to intentionally embarrass me. He was a dirty old man.

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  • Fess up! You loved it!!!

  • My parents would make me lift my skirt every day to make sure I was wearing modest underwear. To me the irony was they were so into modesty and yet all the time I lived at home into my twenties every morning one or other would say 'lift' and I'd have to lift my skirt to show what I was wearing under it.

  • There is a vastly large difference between some guy at school feeling a girl up and your parents asking you to prove you had panties on. Not even on the same planet, h*** not even in the same universe.

  • You say that yet you've been raping your daughter.

  • Sorry.

  • Hunt him down. Exact revenge.

  • Sounds hard and a bit like my bro. my brother was threatening to call charge me for sending him messages and he doesn't realised I told police he used to send sexy fake id messages to a intellectually disable man and him and his sleazy mate thought it was funny and I just thought they were b!tchheads of blokes.

  • Your bro can prove your messages, but can you prove he sent his to the disabled man?

  • Thats against the law. Turn him in. It doesnt matter how long ago it was. He took advantage of you.

  • Im so sorry you had to endure this treatment. I KNOW this type of thing did go on. Also years ago male jail staff would love to do the strip searches of females as well. I know as I was with arresting officers bringing them in and I knew people that did the searches. It was and is so very wrong.

  • If this is true, and I'm not saying it is or isn't, than why haven't you reported him? These sick f****** need to need to pay for their actions no matter how long ago it happened.

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