Transgender fantasy

I have always been fascinated by transwomen. I want to get physical with a pre-op transwoman. A feminine woman with a bit "extra".

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  • WTF is wrong with you freaks

  • It's unusual (and not my thing), but why is he a "freak"? If it turns him on, go for it.

  • If you have to ask, you must be one yourself.

  • Oooh, high and mighty judgemental sinner aren't you lol

  • Paedophiles like you can always excuse depravity.

  • I remember you, you often post about your stint in a psychiatric ward and your love for pedophiles!

  • Oh, now you're over here accusing people of doing the things you've been bragging about for months. See a shrink!

  • Ok Weinstein :)

  • That you,Anthony small Weiner?


  • Homophobic b******. You should die.

  • Paedophile, you should die!!!

  • Gorgeous woman looking creatures with big d**** for extra pleasure

  • They are depraved scum!

  • Absolutely so! Sooooooo much extra.

  • I have done this, "she" had had lots of hormone therapy, got a good figure, b*** job, speech therapy, had long hair etc but downstairs was packing more than me! Met her online, got chatting well, was fun, agreed to meet but told her not to mention that, and just act like I was chatting a regular girl up at the bar. So that happened, lots of flirting, ended up kissing, went to a hotel, she stripped me and she took off her top, then she started sucking my d*** and it was amazing! She then took off her skirt and stood in front of me was a forgoes 5'8 brunette, tight figure, big perky t*** in her bra, in high heels, and a huge bulge in her panties! She took off her bra and then took her panties off by bending forward completely so when she bent back up, her d*** was in clear view at my eye line. She walked over, grabbed my head and put her d*** in my mouth and I just started sucking. F*** knows if I was doing a good job, but it just happened! She got on top kissing me, rolling around until she whispered to f*** her so we ended up tucking doggy style, not as weird as I expected. She didn't let me c**, I pulled out, she looked at me and said her turn. I wasn't ready for this after a bit of convincing, I was on my knees with her behind me,playing with my a******, until I was wide enough to f***. Fortunately it was over pretty quickly then I f***** her again and came. Condoms used of course. My only time of ever doing this but would love to do it again. Unfortunately she moved away.

  • That is pretty much gay then

  • And...?

  • And you need to quit molesting kiddies.

  • You're funny like a bad joke :\

  • I told you to quit it.

  • Same commentator above and below. You're that narcissistic commentator whose been in a psychiatric ward and who loves pedophiles.

  • Here you are again trying to deflect your grisly acts away while trying to demean others.
    Is it because you were ignored as a child?
    What could make you do it?

  • Make me :)

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