Luke and his teacher

Ever since he was a little kid, Luke had a special thing for older women. Especially those who wielded some kind of authority like teachers, women policemen, even nurses. As he grew into his teens he began to fantasize about what he would do if he ever got a chance with a woman like that. Luke was pretty attractive, and so he could go out with any girl in his class. But there were times when he was more attracted to his girlfriend’s mom than to her. Anyways high school ended and Luke was enrolled in college. In college there was one woman to whom he found himself very attracted to. It was Sheila, his economics teacher. She was dominating, rude, often sarcastic and stingy in her remarks, so most students absolutely hated her. But it was these very aspects that Luke found to be irresistible. He wanted to become Sheila’s pet, he would do whatever she wanted him to do. Luke began to study hard and be very active in her class in order to catch her attention. It worked. One day, after class Sheila called him into her office to discuss an upcoming academic project. Luke could feel his heart thumping out of his chest as he walked into her office. Her perfume seemed to intoxicate him. Luke could not hold it in any longer. He suddenly kissed her hands. Sheila was extremely angry. “What on earth is this?” she demanded to know. Luke was petrified. If Sheila complained, it would mean the end of his career. “I’m sorry...I just happen to like you a lot. I find you very very sexy. I love how to take authority. I’d be your slave if you want me.” Sheila looked at him. “Okay. If that is so then come over to my house this Sunday. And don’t tell a word to any of your buddies otherwise you’ll be dead!” Luke could not believe what he’d just heard. He finally had a date with his crush. On Sunday, Luke reached her house at just the time she wanted him to. Sheila lived in an apartment on the 21st floor from where one could get a great view of the city. She was wearing a pink tank top and yoga pants. Once inside, Sheila led him to the drawing room and positioned herself against the window. "So here we are, take in the view for a moment and then get down on your knees and crawl like that over to me. And call me mistress or mam. Don’t dare take my name.”
Luke replied, “Yes maam” as he crawled over to her.
Once he was in front of her, Sheila commanded him, " listen carefully...I want you to lift up my top until my bare belly is in front of you! Okay?"
Luke nodded and lifted up her top, revealing her belly button and her belly.
“Now slowly run your fingers around my belly button but nothing more than that,” Sheila commanded. Luke took his right hand and began making circles around her belly button.
"Now slowly touch my belly with the tip of your nose. Circle it around my belly button." Luke leaned in and started to circle his nose around her belly button.
“How does my sweaty belly smell Luke?”
“Smells amazing mam!”
“Ah...I’m starting to like you Luke. Now push your nose inside my belly button as deep as you can.”
Luke followed her instruction. The warm tip of his nose touching her belly button made Sheila give out a small moan but she controlled herself.
"Hmm okay. Now start breathing in and out slowly. No deep sniffs! Just slowly!"
Luke’s d*** became hard when he heard that small moan. He started to breathe softly into her belly button. The warm air blowing into her belly button made Sheila even hotter. She closed her eyes and her breathing started to get heavy. Luke’s d*** got even harder with her heavy breathing. He continued to do breathe in and out lightly. Suddenly he heard Sheila mutter “Faster baby,” between her soft moans. She pushed his head deeper into her belly. Luke started taking in deep sniffs and breathing the hot air into her belly button. He started rotating his nose inside her belly button as he was doing that. Sheila was already pretty wet She gave out louder moans and grunts, occasionally yelling “Faster you f*****..Faster!” Finally she pushed his head outside, sweaty and gasping for breath. “Clean my sweaty belly with your tongue,” she ordered.
Luke started licking around her belly button, then working his way down her belly .He could feel his d*** throb in his pants. His tongue went all over her belly , tasting the droplets of sweat that had formed on her skin. His tongue caressed the deepest parts of Sheila’s belly button, while he could hear her grunts and moans again. He also could feel his d*** throbbing more. So, after painting her belly with his saliva, Luke picked her up and carried her into the bedroom and made Sheila scream, f****** her like crazy! Afterwards they used to meet up often and indulge in foreplay for hours on end, especially concentrating on Sheila’s sensitive spot, her belly button.


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  • Puke and ugly fat old mrs barnette.

  • I know luke was involved with roey and aaron and michie, they can have him cuz I was never inlove with him. and I hope my sister didn't steal my ruffled cream top cuz I don't know where it is. she must have taken the katy perry xmas present she gave me? like that is evil. she did that with other stuff. I want my shirt and perfume back.

  • I thought she was going to punish him

  • She should have punished with

  • So nice

  • Another p*** story

  • Nobody sends in their fantasies to Penthouse anymore. They post them to sites like this and try to pass them off as true stories.

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