I hate my wife for hitting my kids

Why the f*** does my wife have to hit my son with a stick for things he wishes to be. I don’t know why and how a mother can hit kids. I keep telling her. Hitting is for the lowest class of people. But she doesn’t get it. Today he dragged him into the room and locked the room from inside. So I won’t interfere. Don’t I have any role in the nurturing of my son. The b**** makes me go mad. I lost my fuse and burnt my temper I lost my mind. Now can’t repair myself. Everyone in the house is back to normal except me now.

2 days

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  • It's hard to say really, there is a fine line between abuse and discipline. It all depends on what he did and the level to which she hits him. You should be judging appropriately. You should also realize that physical discipline is not such a bad thing and in a lot of ways produces better results, however like I said there is a fine line. If he is being abused relentlessly for things like leaving a door open or eating a cookie, then you should remove her from the home to protect him. On the other hand, if the child is hurting another sibling, or is repeatedly committing egregious actions a physical response may be appropriate. Prior to recent years corporal punishment was a very common and well documented discipline. However, with the advent of psychology there is now much impractical thought being introduced into every aspect of parenting. In a sense, it opposes the natural state of discipline, stating that the mental damage is not worth it, however there is no clear evidence of that and there is no way to measure that in the real world. My general stance on things is that natural laws > all others, and in most all cases when bureaucracy attempts to supersede the natural (or established) law it is typically at everyone detriment.

  • Tell her. "I believe in an eye for an eye. You hit him and I hit you. Deal?"

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