My future is a few days away

Im 21 years old . Hard worker alats worked in the oil field love it the rig money is big and enough when Yu travel a lot. I don want to be stuck everyone I work with is stuck in the field because they've got families houses and bills. I live with my mother who's my #1 supporter. I help arpund the house and work hard to spoil her. A few months back I traveled out of town to a interview in a different state, drove 12-16 hours and got offered a job on the spot. This company has beeny dream company to work for since I graduated h.s at 17 but because of my age I was too young to work there so I turned to skilled trades where my money doubled and trippled. I rarely go out or spend money on unnecessary things. Single. No kids. I want to take the out of town permanent job but I don't want to leave my mom behind call it what you want but she'll be alone of course I'll send her money to help but I don't also want to be in the oil field forever In the hot sun with chemicals I want stability a job where I can retire. I lost friends because for 4 yrs I spent my time focused on working they would say I'd never get into a company like that but I kept pushing attracting what I wanted and I got it. I start a new project on January 3rd in the oil field again money will be good but Jan 3rd is also my start date for my dream permanent job. I've been not sleeping braking my head and bones thinking and re thinkib wether to take that job out of state and start from scratch or stay home and do what I know best. Nobody knows from my family I got a job offer oat of state with a great company if they did the jealousy would grow. Any advice vice will help God bless

Dec 29, 2017

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  • If you plan on living in the new job state forever or know if you can transfer then go for it. But if you want fast money oil rig money

  • Again, you're only working for money and not for passion. You'll eventually end up like them.

  • It's actually simpler than u really think it is

    Ask urself from now on until your time is up.

    What would you do if you weren't scared to

  • Since we are quoting here's my favorite quote.

    Attract what you expect
    Reflect what you desire
    Become what you respect
    Mirror what you admire.

  • Look young man be happy. S*** fear in the face, a successful man is only one who can build a foundation with bricks that others have thrown at him...

  • Change can be very scary but you know what's scarier?, Allowing fear to stop you from growing,evolving and progressing... - Mandy Hale



  • Same boat your In I was in a few years ago when I graduated from a university . I became a civil engineer never did I think id had to travel 100✓ of the time. I am far away from my family in a different state. Being that I am Asian my family has always been close. I was skeptical of being alone. But overtime I learned to give myself the time I needed to overcome fear because I was where I wanted to be, I told myself daily this is what I worked hard for to live this lifestyle. I am now 28 years Young. Still not married,no kids,. I do what I love without remarks from anybody. My parents fly to see me on holidays but if my schedule is too tight we FaceTime I send them things or we talk. They always supported my dreams. They always told me and my sibling we just want y'all to be happy and follow your dreams. So I did now it's been more than enough years to say I don't regret any decisions I've made. I didn't let fear controller my life. Do what you love always and fear is just a part of Everything else

  • Sounds like your a wonderful son to your mom and a very hard working young man. If You drove to your interview for that job than you really put in hard work & effort. Your mom supporting is the best feeling ever she's definitely a dimaond not most people have their paternal parents to be their support system. Don't over think you will now when your ready and won't regret a thing. Plus you have nothing to loose but a few extra bucks from oil field Money. You have no reason not to be happy. Your not married have zero kids, if you did I think it would be harder to decide. Your life will consist of traveling back and forth to see your mom or her also which should be more fun . Wish you the best God bless you brother

  • Take the job, if your mom is a good one she would want you to follow your dreams and be happy.

  • D what makes you happy if it's been your dream to work for that company take it so Yu won't regret it later in life and if your mom is alone take her with you or commute to visiting

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