My husband spanks me

I am 40 years old and have been married to my husband for 18 years, we dated 2 years before that. When we first met he was very jealous and demanding but very sweet and good to me. I remember I was driving soon after we met and I made a wrong turn and he pinched me. I got mad at him and he just laughed it off. That’s where I should have stopped it, but I kind of liked it.
If I did anything he thought was wrong he would get after me like a child. Once we got married he stepped up the discipline. He is a great husband and he provides well and means well but he keeps me in line. It’s strange I feel though and I cannot tell anyone because it is embarrassing. He has slapped me only once, and it was hard, but I mouthed off to him and dared him to do it. And he did. I don’t know why I did that. I usually do not talk back to him and certainly do not provoke him.
Just the other day I said a curse word, I said the S word when talking on the phone with a friend. He heard it and sternly said Watch your language. I said sorry and when I hung up he said Come here. I stood in front of him and he reached behind me and swatted by butt with his hand hard and said I don’t like you using that language. I said I was sorry and he said turn around I’m going to spank you. I turned around and bent over slightly and he spanked me h****** the butt. I said sorry again and he hugged me and gave me a kiss and then we made love. He can be gentle or rough in bed and he was very rough that night.
The thing is, he sparks me and gets after me but I wouldn’t change it. I love him and I want his discipline, it makes me a better person. I don’t curse at all usually and I listen to him. He gives me everything I could ever want and I would do anything for him and he would for me.

Today I wore a blouse that is a little low cut, I am busty and it showed some cleavage. I knew he wouldn’t like it unless he was with me, I could wear anything even tiny bikinis if he is with me, but I was out alone and he said You wore that? It shows all your t***. Then he said come here, and I went to him knowing what he was going to do and he said turn around and I did and he spanked me hard, just one seat but it stung. Then he said You’re too sexy and you’re t*** are too big to go out like that without me, don’t do it again. I mouthed off and asked What if I do? He got angry and said then you will be in big trouble.
I’m turned on because I know he will take it out on me later when we have s**. Isn’t that weird!

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  • Spanking your wife or girlfriend is coming back in vogue as more
    men realize that women want men to act like real men and not
    accept their unacceptable behaviour sometimes. Women are never
    ore feminine and men never more masculine than right after he has
    had her over his knees for a sound bare-bottom spanking. During the
    aftercare with making up and making love they come to feel closer
    to each other and to their true identity as man and woman than any
    other time.

  • No reason to be ashamed. A lot of women feel that they benefit
    from an occasional spanking from their husbands, and women are
    never more feminine and men more masculine than after he has
    spanked her and they make up and make love.

  • You and your husband have been together long enough that you should know how you really feel about each other. If things are ok in other areas, just enjoy being spanked. Life's too short for guilt over something that's nobody else's business.

  • Exactly, nowadays there is no reason for girls to be ashamed because they get spanked by their partners. Even if they don't want or like the spanking, they accept it as a necessary part of their life together - and most girls like part of it, especially the aftercare and feeling free of guilt - and anyway if a girl does not accept it, she can tell him to stop or leave him.

  • This is boasting rather than confessing.

    Enjoy being spanked.

    I enjoy both spanking and being spanked.

  • Some people deserve spanking and a good hit.

  • .....sometimes...................a b**** just need a beating........

  • Wow...

  • Too much, just a bit

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