My husband spanks me

I am 40 years old and have been married to my husband for 18 years, we dated 2 years before that. When we first met he was very jealous and demanding but very sweet and good to me. I remember I was driving soon after we met and I made a wrong turn and he pinched me. I got mad at him and he just laughed it off. That’s where I should have stopped it, but I kind of liked it.
If I did anything he thought was wrong he would get after me like a child. Once we got married he stepped up the discipline. He is a great husband and he provides well and means well but he keeps me in line. It’s strange I feel though and I cannot tell anyone because it is embarrassing. He has slapped me only once, and it was hard, but I mouthed off to him and dared him to do it. And he did. I don’t know why I did that. I usually do not talk back to him and certainly do not provoke him.
Just the other day I said a curse word, I said the S word when talking on the phone with a friend. He heard it and sternly said Watch your language. I said sorry and when I hung up he said Come here. I stood in front of him and he reached behind me and swatted by butt with his hand hard and said I don’t like you using that language. I said I was sorry and he said turn around I’m going to spank you. I turned around and bent over slightly and he spanked me h****** the butt. I said sorry again and he hugged me and gave me a kiss and then we made love. He can be gentle or rough in bed and he was very rough that night.
The thing is, he sparks me and gets after me but I wouldn’t change it. I love him and I want his discipline, it makes me a better person. I don’t curse at all usually and I listen to him. He gives me everything I could ever want and I would do anything for him and he would for me.

Today I wore a blouse that is a little low cut, I am busty and it showed some cleavage. I knew he wouldn’t like it unless he was with me, I could wear anything even tiny bikinis if he is with me, but I was out alone and he said You wore that? It shows all your t***. Then he said come here, and I went to him knowing what he was going to do and he said turn around and I did and he spanked me hard, just one seat but it stung. Then he said You’re too sexy and you’re t*** are too big to go out like that without me, don’t do it again. I mouthed off and asked What if I do? He got angry and said then you will be in big trouble.
I’m turned on because I know he will take it out on me later when we have s**. Isn’t that weird!

Jan 8, 2018

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  • I spank my girlfriend at least twice a week as well. Seems to keep her in line pretty good. I prefer a crop on her bare bottom.

  • You should misbehave when he has friends are over and maybe he'll give you a bare ass spanking over his knee in front of them, and corner time with your butt in the air so they all get a peek at your privates and rosy bottom.

  • My husband spanked me from the very first day of our marriage.
    He spanked me and he still spanks me regularly, once or twice a week.
    I am pretty okay with that.
    My parents spanked me.
    My babysitters spanked me.
    I was spanked in the school. (I attended the Catholic school).
    I was spanked in our Church.
    Regular spankings are an important part of females discipline.

  • Are you really serious?? Or are you just so used to the spankings which could be a form of abuse, that your brain chemistry changed so you think it's all good all the time.

  • Spankings have always made me feel extra loved and I like it when he comes up with ways to make it more severe or embarrassing at times, depending on the infraction.

  • I totally agree with you, spanking is very important for females. My husband using Domestic Discipline in our marriage. My husband spanks me every single day since our wedding night (sometimes more than once a day). We believe that husband has a right to discipline wife everytime it's needed.

  • And the biggest question I have is; this is a s** confession forum and it automatically bleeps out the letters in words like p***** off, ass and even s** 🤪

  • Oh it left ass but bleeps ⚽️ 🏀 ! Lol

  • I am a sexy 25 year olde girl with a bizarre s** life. I only f*** muscular young well hung black bodybuilders. I support myself as a dom ands my clients all know my sexual preference for bbc. They worship me. Many just want to kiss,lick and c** on my feet. Sexual surrender to the power that black c*** has over white woman. A few want to spanked to o***** over my lap as I tell them about my bbc experiences. In a yoga position as I spank them I will squeeze their b**** between my soles and f*** their ass with my middle toe. They become my slave for life after this humiliation.

  • No you’re not. You’re a pimply-faced 15 year old dude that takes his own d-i-l-d-o up his a-s-s.

  • Sexy SEXY!!

  • My husband disciplines me with spanking too. I must say I love it and crave it, especially the sexual loving that comes after. I too feel like a better and more secure woman with his discipline. It is important for all of you to remember this can be a secure and loving practice that makes a relationship more secure and happy. After 27 years I know I can walk away any time, but I don't by my own choice. I love him deeply and he respects me enough to care about my behavior. When my spankings come I wear absolutely nothing but pantyhose all day, anticipating my discipline. Throughout the day he reminds me about my behavior and the importance it has to our relationship. He affirms his deep love and desire for me. When the time comes I lay across his lap as he delivers a spanking. The sharp slapping of his hand on my panty-hosed ass drives me crazy with desire. After about twenty slaps he massages my ass and talks about his love for me. This turns into incredible mutual sexual activity with both of us pleasing the other in every possible way! It goes on for hours and bonds us in mutual love. I love my man deeply, submissively, and supportively. I would not change our relationship for anything.

  • The important thing is not whether it is consensual, but whether the wife chooses to stay with her spanking husband, because even though his spankings hurt, they make her love and respect her husband more.

  • I love this site. All these postings are exactly what I needed. Thanks everyone for telling your stories. As a submissive wife I look forward to be spanked

  • My husband spanked me from the very first day we have met.
    My mother told him that she and my father spanked me since I was a little girl.
    When we started dating I was still a virgin.
    After our first date I asked him to discipline me.
    We were in the privacy of my room, and I took of my skirt.
    I was wearing the white cotton panties underneath, as my mother told me to do.
    My father spanked me usually over this kind of panties.
    I was over his lap and he spanked me very firmly.
    During spanking I felt his erected p**** on my hip.
    Nothing unusual: my father's p**** was always erected when he spanked me.
    After a proper spanking my bottom was very red, warm and sore.
    When the spanking was over, I kissed his hand and expressed him my gratitude.
    Then we kissed, for the first time.

    On the second date he disciplined me on the same way.

    For the third date, my mother told me not to wear cotton panties. To wear thong, in order he can spank my naked bottom cheeks. So he can spank it on the regular way and my intimate parts would still be covered.
    When he saw it, he was trilled.
    He rewarded me with a long, firm spanking.
    I cried a lot, much more then I usually cry during spanking.
    He also liked a lot of (my) tears.
    I was preparing for our fifth date, and my mother told me to let him touch my b******. To ask him to hold my b****** with one hand and to spank me with the other.
    I told him that.
    Before spanking I removed my t-short and my bra, and he spanked me again over his lap, holding my b****** with one hand.
    My nipples were erected even before and during spanking.
    From this day on, I was obligated to allow him to touch my b****** during kissing.
    After our tenth date, my mother told me to wear only panties when we are in my room. And to lay in the bed, so he can touch me whenever he wanted, except the panties zone.
    It was my first time and a new experience for me.
    Several weeks after that, I told my mother that I saw the man's organ alive.
    She administrated me a proper ...

  • Belting. I was on the bed, on my tummy.
    She used the belt on my naked thighs and bottom.
    And she told me to take his organ in my hand on the next date.
    And I did it. It was very new for me.
    When we were engaged, My mother told me to take off my panties before we lay in the bed.
    When my fiance spanked me, I was even without panties. He was the second male person who spanked me like that. (My father was the first, of course).
    After a proper spanking, we were both naked in the bed.
    He touched me everywhere. I was really aroused, because my mother didn't allow me to m*********.
    Each attempt of touching myself down there ended with a firm belting.
    But he also don't allowed me to m*********.
    We were in the bed, late at night both naked, kissing and hugging, he touched my naked body for hours, he really liked to hold his hand between my legs but I was not allowed to c**.
    My spankings were regularly.
    He really took care about me and my discipline.
    I was very thankful and grateful to him for it.
    In our wedding night he spanked me first. It was a spanking for a memory.
    And then he turned me on my tummy and spread my bottom chicks.
    He inserted his finger deep inside it. It was a little bit unpleasant; nobody else haven't ever done it before; it was my first time to feel man's finger in my b*******.
    And then he ... his p**** in my b*******.
    And f***** me very hard. It was very painful.
    From this day on we call in the first step on a*** discipline.
    My mother told me to tell her when I loose the virginity.
    When it happened, I told her.
    He administrated me 10 disciplinary sessions with the belt.
    Once a week for 10 weeks.
    My husband still spanks me regularly, once a week, at least.
    And I am pretty okay with that.

  • Your parents raised you right and properly prepared you for marriage and chose the right husband who could take over what your father entrusted him with.

  • You have just found your soul mate, and he enjoys spanking you when you deserve it - and you accept it and even crave it as part of your s** life. Good for you and good for him, and I hope you'll go on making each other happy.

  • I am spanked by my husband. We are married 32 yrs next September. When I’m spanked it’s usually warranted. I must take off my pants or skirt and bend over the back of a chair. Then I’m spanked usually with a hairbrush. At some point he stops and tells me to take off my panties. This is more humiliating than the spanking.
    I go over the chair and he continues my spanking. My rear is red and hot but my front is very wet.

  • No, you're not crazy. You have a sexual fantasy or fetish with your husband acting like your dad. The crazy part is that he smacks the s*** out of you when you're not even doing s**. Also, that you obey his every command as if you were his daughter. He is even crazier because he has a fetish where he thinks you're like his daughter. So, if you think about if you're crazy, then he's crazy too, and you belong with each other. Happy Ending!

  • They aren't treating each other like parent and child. He is taking the role of a husband very seriously being the head of the household and firm disciplinarian of his wife. She loves and respects him as a man and her husband and he loves and cares for her as his wife.

  • I can't imagine what will happen if you have a daughter, what if he thinks it's okay to do the same to her?

  • My hubby spanks me all the time when I am bad. Usually with his belt. Has for years.

  • Not weird

  • We both are in our 40s. She sometime love being spanked. The other day we got naked and h****. I laid her on me lap exposing her ample ass cheeks - she could feel my hard-on against her abdomen. 1-2-3-4.... hard slaps on her ass cheeks and she orgasmed peeing on my thighs. That was too erotic and I put her on her four and drilled her p**** hard and deep till I flooded her hot p****. OMG! the best f*** after a long time.

  • You're crazy if you think the bible is important. My Christian wife likes being spanked, but, for us it is just a s** thing that leads her to an o*****. She has had fantasies since she was a schoolgirl and is well balanced enough to know that its just the way she is.

  • My hubby spanks my ass cheeks while f****** me dogie and I utter filthy words. With every slaps on my ass cheek I squeeze my p**** muscles tight ... wait for another. He gets excited with my verbals and he spanks hard as I o***** and he shoots his load deep into me ... finishing our session off ! Love it...

  • Wow

  • My wife let's me smack with my hand lightly 2 smacks on each cheek panties lowered

  • I told my husband if he thinks I need a slap in the face its ok. I'm looking forward to the first one I get

  • There is something really disordered about women wanting to be hit or spanked, even in bed, and there is something sadistic and evil about the men wanting to do it. Women should not have to be submissive to evil. The Bible says that the husbands should love their wives, as Christ loved the Church. How did Christ love the Church? By shedding His own Blood to save her, by sacrificing Himself, instead of the Church, to save her. To have a husband who cares and wants to serve his wife, the wife should submit to the love the husband shows her, not abuse.
    Read Theology of the Body.

  • Not everyone agrees with your religious beliefs so there is no reason to read your bible and use it as a guide for life. There are a lot of different religions out there along with lots of people who don't believe in anything at all. :shrug: as I'm sure you'd say, we're all god's children, right?

  • Bullshit. – Jeremiah 30:11 (NIV) As husbands our discipline should always start off gently and then move toward harder forms of discipline.

  • No, a man who spanks the woman he loves for endangering her life
    and their security is not abusing her. He does it because he loves her,
    and though she may resent it while she is being spanked -
    bare-bottomed and over his knees - she will love and respect him all
    the more afterwards. That's the way it works in relationships where
    men spank because they love their wives - and wives appreciate it.

  • YES

  • I repeat the person before me, YES

  • No, it is not abusive. I love my hubby squash hard my b**** while massaging them and as I o***** he bites my nips enhancing my physical pleasure. I have couple of teeth marks on my aerolas ... looks nice.

  • I'm all for spanking when its needed I spanked my first wife we were together for 30 years I started spanking her before we were married the same thing with my 2nd and current wife I've been spanking my women for the last 42 years

  • Yall are f***** up, i get it if its a kink, but you guys actually treat women like children. and even then, studies have proved that spanking children doesn't do anything. and yall love blaming your bible for being abusive, like nah that's sounds like a you problem

  • I agree. A little spanking and even submission in the moment can be fun but these people aren’t playing. “When she needs it”! ? Seriously a man gets to decide when she need discipline!? Sounds like he is a narcissist and she has low self esteem! It angers me that a woman would allow someone to be dominant over her in real life! She needs therapy!

  • Spanking your wife is not like spanking children. Wives may
    need it and want it, and she can leave their marriage if she
    really dislikes it, but for man and wife it is as much a confirmation
    of their love for each other as it is a punishment. For children it is
    only a punishment, and they have to stay with their family.

  • Spanking yes but not in front off children! Yes my husband is the head off the house, but I have rights too! Comes to spanking, it’s only in bed ! Not in front off kids! That’s wrong! I love my husband and yes I obey him, but he doesn’t put hand on me at all only comes to s** in bed behind locked doors away from kids. We live with the Bible and my husband have the saying in the house! I love it! I serve him ! But he would never spank me in front off our kids! Never! It’s between me and him!

  • I agree. Behind closed doors should spankings take place but a swat is ok. My kids love the attention my husband shows me

  • Wtf type of bullshit "mY hUsbAnd iS thE hEaD OfF ThE hOusE" what type of white bullshit is this

  • “I hAvE 3 BaByDaDiEs aNd NoNe aRe ArOuNd-“ what type of no white buckshot is this?

  • ALL OF YOU GROW UP. This is consenting adults ONLY. CHOICE.

  • She already said right she lives by the Bible ?! Bible explicitly says man should submit to the will of the lord (church) . And wife should submit to her husband and husband should take care of her and love her!
    Nothing wrong with being religious as long it’s not abuse

  • Interesting what husbands want. I like to show my wife off. I like her to feel on show. Something for me to show off and control. So I like her to be a little skimpy. I like her to tell people she is obedient and submissive. I also like her to submit to being spanked. I don't mean just a titilating hand spanking I mean a full on whipping that is insanely painful and leaves welts and bruises that take several weeks to heal.

  • Did you always spank your wife from the beginning of your relationship? Does she like being spanked? Or does she need it? How often do you spank her?

  • My husband began spanking me on our wedding night. He took me in his arms said he was head of houdehold and i would obey everything. He then said he would show me what i would get if i didntn bey. He then turned me over his knee and spanked me very hard with his hand. I learned fast and we have been married 15 years and I'm expecting our 8th child being pregnant does not prevent a spanking. My butt is red and sore now because of paddling I received yesterday.I'm only allowed to gain so much weight each month and will be expected to be at my original weight eithimn3bweeks after baby is born in have only failed to do this after myn4th pregnancy and he really tore my ass up i was down to my goal e right within days I just needed the spanking as motivation. Also I breast feed my children so basically in 10 years my milk has never dryer up as my husband enjoys nursing along with the baby. Some might think I'm crazy but letting my husband control of all my life I am free from worry and he allows me to have time for myself to do things I like that he approved of. After 7 children I don't need to be spanked as often as I did in beginning and I miss. When he does punish me it. It is always a very hard over knee spanking with his hand or paddle. He has only use his belt on me once. My bottom was so sore he would not f*** me for days he said never again. And he hasn't he can really tear my ass up with his hand and paddle. S** is always great After a good whipping. He never spanks kids. Spanking is reserved for mommy. I would not have any other way. Sorry I have rambled on so I know this life style is not for all but I would not have any other way.

  • Yes, spanking is fine for the wife when she misbehaves,
    but children should not be spanked. My wife also benefited
    from a good, hard and bare-bottomed spanking, and she was
    more loving and tender wife for many days after a spanking.

  • Married over 20 years and I've been spanked about 4 times or so. I can say each time I totally deserved it and each time was very sound on my bared bottom. Once was a sound spanking then he took off his belt and gave me a strapping. I learned my lesson and as I said I deserved them all.

  • This post and these comments are sick

  • There is nothing sick about a woman who admits that she needs
    a spanking from her husband, when she has done something bad.
    And there is nothing sick or perverted about the husband, who has
    found out that his wife wants it that way, whether or not he himself
    gets turned on by spanking her. It is a good thing that people get what
    they want, even if it is a bare-bottomed spanking. :-)

  • Then dont read them or give your 2 cents. Its meaningless.

  • My husband has been spanking me too. ..I've had some boyfriends in the past do it too... I think I have some testing thrill of annoying g them but honestly hate being spanked. When I get a spanking ill pinch my husband or slap his face....which gets me harder ones.
    I've decided to hide his stuff to teach him a lesson
    Beside's this power struggle battle
    We get along great

  • The only time my husband has spanked me yet was for slapping his face repeatedly in a fit of jealosy. The first time I slapped him, he warned me not to do again, so when I slapped him again he turned me over his knees, pulled down my panties and spanked my bare bottom long and hard. Soon I began to cry and promise to stop being jealous, but he continued setting fire to my behind until I just lay sobbing and totally subdued. Afterwards he explained why he had spanked me and that I had absolutely no reason to be jealous, because he would not have s** with other women, and I believed him. I know he would not have spanked me, if he had done something wrong, so when we made up and had s** ater he had dried my tears and comforted me, I felt better ande more at ease than ever before. He has not spanked me since, and sometimes I feel like pretending a fit of jealousy to make him spank me again and have that wonderful feeling afterwards. But I don't want to hurt him, and besides the thoughtof how much that spanking hurt also deters me. What do you think I should do?

  • By the way was it a bare cheeks spankin

  • Tell him you need it for sexual pleasure

  • You are not the first woman who finds out that you like getting spanked,
    because you have slapped your husband and he retaliated with a bare-
    bottomed spanking. It also happened between me and my first wife, and
    after the spanking we made up and made love and got really close to
    each other. And the next few days we were very much in the mood for
    love and s**, and she confessed that the spanking had really turned
    her on and renewed her respect for me. But it had also hurt her bottom
    and her pride (normally we are completely equal), so we agreed that
    I should only do it again, when she had been really naughty - and that
    happened only a few times after her much too early death because of
    a big heart.

  • Rather than spanking my newlywed spread her ass cheeks for mel)

  • My husband got really upset with me after almost ten years of marriage. I had been being b***hy for a long time and just kind of obstinate and not nice. Again this went on and off for a couple of years. He finally swatted my butt and took me upstairs telling me he was spanking me. I have no idea why but I went quietly. I went over his lap and was spanked on my bare bottom very soundly!
    I actually realized how wrong I'd been acting, the spanking woke me up and I began acting better.
    Years later he said I needed a spanking in jest, I said okay. I guess I wanted it again. He told me if I got it, it would be real and very sound and I agreed. I spoke to him throughout the day and he confirmed that I wanted this. I said I did but taunted him saying I didn't believe he'd follow through. When he came home he bared me and spanked the daylights out me! He really gave me the spanking of my life.
    He said from then on this is how he would handle me when I needed it and I again agreed saying okay.
    In the beginning I received many sound spankings for various reasons but I've learned and needed less in recent years. If everything is going well I've realized my husband will still paddle me soundly at least once a year saying "Things are going well and we're going to keep it that way!" I think this has worked very well for us over the years. VA.

  • We recently started DD. It’s already helping. My hubby of over 10 years spanks me several times a week. He tore my booty up last night (still sore).

  • I am actually reading this with a very very sore butt. I got his belt yesterday.

  • You would have other things sore if you were my wife

  • So hot

  • What did you do to get the belt?

  • I failed to do something ask me to do and he blistered my bare butt

  • Why do I have an erection while reading this

  • Omg I know right? These blogs are my p*** so f***** up

  • My hubby and I have been married 20 years. And he has always spanked me. Usually always with belt or paddle. He has spanked me in front of friends and family as well. I love it keeps me line.

  • I once spanked my girlfriend in front of her best friend, because she was jealous and implied there was something between her friend Eileen and me. The spanking convinced her that it was not so, and after the spanking Eileen also confirmed that. My girlfriend wanted me to console her and comfort her - and I took care of that too, and it completely stopped her fits of meaningless jealousy. She does not like getting spanked - always bare-bottomed over my knees with the flat of my hand - but she knows she deserves it sometimes, and it makes her feel very much like a woman - my woman I may add.

  • My husband and I were visiting friends. Our friend in 'fun' pushed his girlfriend over the sofa and began swatting her bottom. He's a big guy and He smacked her bottom full force at least twenty times or more as she squealed and bucked unable to get off the sofa. He made a joke as she rubbed her bottom telling him it hurt. Her butt had to be red by how hard he spanked her. I kind of felt bad for her getting spanked in front of us like that even if it was supposed to be in fun.
    I experienced worse months later when we celebrated my birthday with them and two other couples. Returning to our apartment after dinner for cake and drinks someone said I hadn't had a birthday spanking yet. The big guy who'd spanked his girlfriend, asked to start things off. My husband was videotaping throughout the night, said okay and proceeded to video as our friend bent me under his arm and gave me Twenty-nine fast,hard swats almost like he'd given his girlfriend but maybe not quite as hard. I yelled from the first swat on as he gave me a real spanking! My ass was stinging and warm! I think I was on the verge of my eyes watering. He held me there while the others gave me each a smack. A co-worker I was friends with as well said it wasn't fair she wanted to give me a birthday spanking as well. Everyone drank at dinner and we were very,very relaxed.
    Our friend lowered me over her lap as I tried to get out of it. My co-worker also gave me a spanking as the others counted to twenty-nine and one for luck. The first fifteen were slow and firm, but the last fifteen were firm and fast and after having been spanked soundly already I was squirming and kicking. She sat me up on her lap and told me I'd better not act up at work.
    Reluctantly next was my husband. Watching the video later I was shocked! My skirt flipped up going over his lap, my red ass in just pantyhose was visible to all when lightly spanked by my husband as they sang happy birthday. The next morning my ass was sore!

  • Are you embarrassed too be spanked in front of your family and friends?

  • My wife was, but since it involved Eileen, her best friend whom she accused of having an affair with, she got a long and hard bare-bottomed spanking in front of Eileen, and after the spanking they both agreed that I had done the right thing and stopped her jealousy that way.

  • Spank me.

  • Every woman needs a spanking and I'm happy to give them out.

  • You're sick.

  • U sound like a predator

  • Do you spank your wife? How often? How long have you been married?

  • Don't know if this is asked to any one person but I'll answer you're question.
    It's not a regular occurrence but in almost twenty years of marriage my wife has had about a half dozen sound spankings when she needed (or wanted ) one.
    I say it that way because once I said she needed to be spanked and she wanted me too for real. So I spanked her soundly and suggested she get it regularly. The next week or so she brought it up again so I spanked her good and then spanked her again until she felt she'd had enough. I probably should have kept it up but didn't and she didn't bring it up again.
    She did get another for something she did.
    The last one she had been really bad (wont go into details). She was spanked then I gave her a good ass whipping with the belt. Her bubble butt was red, sore and welted. She never repeated the same behavior again

  • Many wives have found that it is very good for them to have a husband who lovingly disciplines them. feel blessed.

  • Yes, spanking is a sort of discipline that is luckily not used much with children nowadays. But in an adult relationship it can have a good effect, if the man knows how and when to spank his naughty wife. It is mostly meant as a punishment, and a bare-bottomed spanking really hurts, bit it is the kind of pain and situation that is sexy as well. So in spite of the pain most women accept the spanking when they know they have done something wrong and deserve a punishment. And women never feel more feminine and men more masculine than during and after a spanking - and that feeling often continues while her bottom is still red and a bit sore. It is a useful reminder to behave - but also of the good time they had afster the spanking.

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