Step daughter

I have this step daughter that absolutely hates me! Her father always takes her side and makes me feel like what i say and what rules that i make doesn't mean anything! that they are good kids and just teenagers. Okay well good kids dont sit their and treat their step mother like s***! i get that she wants her mommy and daddy together but seriously they have been apart for years now. i get that she is Ur mom and i am not trying to take her place or talk bad about her when frankly i have a lot to say about that c*** but regardless i do love my step daughter but i wish she would treat me wit a little more respect because i am here for her 24/7 i do everything for her unlike her mom that gets her every other weekend and then ships them off to a friends house when she does have them

Jan 15, 2018

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  • How old is your stepdaughter and does your husband have know boundaries set for her. I posted earlier and said i have a twelve year old daughter from previous marrige and two stepdaughter ages eight and ten and at start had alot off attitude. My now husband had never spanked his daughters before apart from light taps too clothed bottoms. But after many discussions and seeing the diffrence in my daughters behaviour by useing spanking as part off discipline. He finaly came around and we now have a better family life and we bought administer spankings too our daughters as part off discipline. Please reply if you want too chat and trust me hun it can change a girls attitude and hope things work out for you. But post and lets know how things are and hugs too you...

  • I cant wait to hear back from u😊

  • Are you there. How's things hun...

  • They're gone hun. Go play with your infant grandchildren hun. Oh that's right, you've been run off, you can't read this. Or maybe you've died. Either one's good

  • She is 13 and she has a identical twin who is the total opposite and so sweet and loving and kind, if only the other one was like that lol.

  • I have 3 sons primarily raised since toddlers by myself and stepmom (my wife). They are all grown and gone now. Stepmom loved those boys and gave them a real mom unlike birth mom who spent most the time doing her own thing.

    Not one single time did those boys in their entire life ever disrespected their step mom. It was my role as birth parent to be the disciplinarian not her. I didn't lay that job on her. I was a firm dad but very actively involved and close to them . I don't believe it's going to be a very easy ride if step parents are the disciplinarian. It doesn't mean they are not in charge it just means they don't levy the discipline.

    All my wife would say to the one acting up is your going to have to tell your dad what you did.

  • Well you are doing the right thing for sticking by your wifes side and defending her. Unlike my bf and his daughters they can do no wrong they are perfect angels, they disrespect me right infront of his face and he always finds a excuse for them and dont discipline them very annoying bc they think they can get away with anything in which case they do! Have any advice???

  • Sorry hun. Im the step mother and my husband has the two may i add now completley diffrent girls. It might be diffrent in my case as my x husband is a firm man also and will spank our daughter when he has her if she needs it. So our daughter knows she wont play games with us just because were seperated. But she realy is a lovley girl and only averages a spanking probabley once a mont the last while. But my steodaughters whom i have come too love like my own have still got lots off attitude an unlike my daughter who as said is spanked about once a month by my husband or i our youngest cant seem too go a week without my husband or myself giveing their bare bottoms a spanking or early bedtime. You realy need too sit down with your husband and tell him you will not be spoken too in that manner and you expect him too back you up when your discipline his girls and not too argue in front off them. Is their mother strict with them and if you talk too her. Maybe ask how she disciplines them at home and who knows hun she may be a pro spanker. But either way sit down with your husband and tell him what you expect and he may change his mind if he hares everything you have too say. I just know if she was our daughter that she would be in bed at 6 or 7 for as long as it took too stop disrespecting us and her bare bum would not only be spanked by my husband or myself. But she would spend some time bottom less in lounge with her red buns on display for time too reflect on her behaviour like our daughters. You might be suprised by your husbands reaction as said and he may agree with you. But set boundaries for those girls. Such as chores and bedtime routine or what ever else suits you and your husband. Please keep me posted hun and will be thinking off you. Huggs from mommy off three and a loveing husband. Stick too your guns....

  • How old is your stepdaughter and time too set some rules and boundaries. I can share some stuff if you like. Im a step mom also and had similar stuff with my two step children. I have a daughter off my own whos by know means perfect. But if she spoke too me the way my step children had at time she would not have got outside house for days and would have being spanked. Anyway the thing is now its being two years and my now husband set rules and boundaries and at first i had same crap from them your not my mommy and cant ground us or spank us. Well guess what yes i can and my now twelve year old daughter and eight and ten year old daughter know that their step mommy can and will tann their bare bottoms when needed as will their daddy and yes he will spank my daughter also if needed...

  • I have been told that since they are not my kids i am not allowed to spank them and if i do then she will tell her bio mom and press charges on me

  • Please share my one step daughter bucks at me and gets in my face like she is going to hit me but of course i would never put my hands on her

  • I was looking at this post again hun and you said that child gets up in your face and like shes going too hit you. My heart breaks for you and please talk too your prtner. Wow our girls would have their panties off in a flash if they dared too do something like that. That little girl needs a firm hand applied to a bare bottom and then get her too bring yous her hairbrush and finish her spanking with her hairbrush. I hope your partner can agree with you and maybe his x wife if yous ever talk. Please keep me posted hun....

  • Shes 13

  • Hi you hun. Did you think anymore on what i said and talk your partner...

  • Please lets know how you get on and if you just even want too message me hun. I realy know what its like..

  • I have spoke with the girl's father about the situation regarding the punishment but he has full custody of them and I have been in their life since they were 8 years old they are 13 now they go over their moms and she has no boundaries set for them she lets them do whatever they want she tells them to disrespect me and they do I tried to tell their father about things going on in the house and he keeps saying quote you're just picking on them they're just kids mean while she's getting in my face screaming at me being totally disrespectful I try to set some boundaries and punishments but of course their father never goes along with it he says I am too h****** them because I said that I wanted to punish them for a week that they had to come home do their chores eat dinner take a shower and go to bed because they keep p****** and s******* in their underwear and hiding it in their bedroom which is pretty disgusting when there are 13 year old girls but then again he says they're just kids you can be h****** them I'm honestly starting to feel like those are his Precious Angels that can do no wrong in his eyes I made a comment about the girls picking up dog s*** out fried hard as their punishment part of their chores and his response was oh no I'll do that I was thinking to myself why your precious little girl can't get her hands dirty but she can sit there and be disrespectful and not listen to my rules the father is never here he works early in the morning and comes home after the kids go to bed so I'm with them 24/7 I don't know what else to do I can't deal with the disrespectfulness anymore

  • That is certainley not on and you are more off a mother than their mom and in their lifes since they are 8 years old hun. You realy have too put down your foot here and tell your partner you will walk out if boundaries and discipline in not brought in and s*** and peeing their panties is totaly un acceptable hun. The way that child speaks too you is a disgrace and my oldest stepdaughter started pooing and peeing her panties last year when she was 9 and we tried everything includeng doctors and he said it was nothing medical and shes was just being lazy. We asked her so many times why she done it and she allways told us it was an accident. Then one day i was sitting in lounge and watched her on purpose poo and pee her panties. That was it and my husband was at work and so rang him too tell him what happend and we bought agreed she needed too be punished. I brought her up too the bathroom and stripped her and explained too her that what she was doing was not acceptable and she will be punished. I bathed her and then dried her and brought her too her room and told her we loved her very much but shes getting a spanking and its what she got. She was grounded for two weeks and put too bed at 6 evening and spanked every second evening before bedtime. She done it again few times after words and resulted in same results for her and has not done it in lt since. I personaly would wait till she came home from school and confront her about her behavior and tell her she will be disciplined in futore for bad behaviour and would not give her chance too get in my face or throw tantrum. Take her too lounge and off chorse she will scream and struggle and from what you say have few curse words. But her skirt and panties would be off her and give her the spanking she needs and dont let her up till her bottom is glowing red and tears are for real and is promiseing too behave herself. That child needs a sharp shock too her system.or she will be in alot off trouble when she gets older...

  • I totally agree with you she needs an ass beating but I have been told over and over again that she is not my biological child and he does not give me permission to discipline or smack her I will go to jail for it but yes the situation with the underwear is ridiculous I had walked into the room and it smelled up like a straight-up boys locker room and I had found her shity underwear hidden in her clothes on the floor I asked him what the problem is and why they're doing it and they tell me oh I didn't wipe properly or I didn't know that I p*** my pants excuse me but you do know when you p*** your pants and when you have something down there and then there was a comment made that oh I was playing and I was too busy doing something and I just didn't feel like going to the bathroom they will stay that way all day with s*** and p*** in their underwear I don't know what to do things are out of control I keep telling their father that this isn't normal they should not be p***** and shittin in their underwear at 13 years old their girls they have their periods they're going to get infections but like I said time and time again he baby them too much as long with their grandmother she baby them too she actually scrubs their underwear out I refuse to they can do that there's times where I'm taking their clothes to separate them so I could do their laundry and turds with a Fallout on my dining room floor I will put my hand in the basket to grab something and I would get s*** on my fingers this is totally unacceptable I taken time out of my day to wash their clothes and I come upstairs to find their clothes on their floor and their bedroom when they were supposed to be hung up it's just little things they don't appreciate anything that I do and I'm the one here with them all the time this whole situation is beyond frustrating and I don't know who else to talk to so I'm glad I found this confessions post

  • How you doing. Just want too say thinking off you and hope you can sit down with your partner and resolve some off these issues with your stepdaughters. You deserve respect like anybody else. Im sorry too say my own daughter is just gone too bed now for some trouble in school today. Bought my husband and i spanked her half hour ago and she grounded this week end and will be spanked by my husband or myself tomorrow evening before early bedtime. Its importand that bought parents back each other up. I hate too spank any off our girls. But it certainley gets their attention. My parents were pro spankers and done me or my sibblings know harm. Take care hun and am here if just want too chat. Huggs from a stepmom who cares....

  • I am sorry to hear about your daughter, did she get into really bad trouble at school? My situation had stayed the same still attuiteds and disrespect, i hate to say this but she is making me really start to not like her! I kind if wish she lived with her mother just to get a taste of how things are there and her real mother not giving a s*** about her than maybe she come home and see how well she really has it she gets whatever she wants and more here at home with her dad and me her step mom

  • Just too remind you hun. Im here if you just want too let off steam or just for chit chat. Your on my mind hun and like i said i honestley know what its like. Keep in touch here if you like hun and hugg too you. From a step mom who knows....

  • You there hun. Hugg you and you can even talk too me about anything thats on.your chest..

  • I try not to say much and bring the situation up because it always starts an argument whatever I say anything about the girls he gets a really overprotective and gets an attitude with me I guess he thinks that if he that's too many boundaries and yells at the girls and punish him for the things that they are doing the girls are going to want to go live with there mother because he has full custody of him I guess they want to do what they want don't get me wrong they go to school they get good grades and stuff it's just a disrespectfulness I get from the one girl it's uncalled for and totally unacceptable

  • Meant too say hun. Dont forget too tell her you love her and even hugg her after words. We do it with our girls and will create a bond between yous and make her feel safe. Talk soon hun xxx..

  • So update: i puinshed the one and took there cord away from her so she cant watch tv and I punished her for 2 days I feel bad so I went back in the room and was going to give the cord back to her and said don't let the thing happen again and I said I love you goodnight and she completely ignored me and I said it three times so I know she heard me she was just being a little brat with her bad attitude and didn't want to say it back so she still wants to continue to be disrespectful so now as it stands her punishments back and she will not have the TV

  • Hope you see this post hun and thinking off you. Has there being any inprovement on your situation regarding your step daughters. Hugg from step mom who cares xxxxx

  • You ok hun...

  • Just too say thinking off you hun...

  • Thinking off you hun and stay strong and firm. I hope you do something nice at least once a week for yourself. Plesae message me anytime as said hin and take care. Hugg from step mom who knows and cares xxxxx

  • Just want too say thinking off you hun. Have a good day and message me anytime. Remember also be good too yourself and stay firm. Huggs and take care xxxxx

  • Good luck hun and your doing great. Children need discipline, structure and boundaries as much as love and care and makes them feel save. Message me anytime you want too even just chat about anything and please keep us posted on how things are with your daughters. You are an amazeng mother so stay strong and firm and be good too yourself hun. Huggs from a stepmom who knows and cares xxxxx

  • Sent that message hun without finishing it so will continue here. So she cursed and flipped and rolled her eyes at her teacher. My husband took the call from school who asked for him too go in and collect our daugter straight away. She was in princeables office when my husband arrived and apparantley had even giveing her princeable some attitude by saying some stuff i wont repeat here hun. They were going too suspend her for copil off days. But my husband managed too purswade them it will never happen again and they agreed too let her off with detention two days next week and some lines. My husband said she back chatted him in carpark on way too car and even answerd him back in car on way home and refused too go too her room when they got home. My husband is a paitent man. But at that stage he knew she needed a spanking and so brought her into lounge and took a spoon from draw on way through kitchen and said our daughter started too change her tune and some crocadile tears. Anyway he put our daughter over his knee and gave her dozen spanks with spoon over her skirt and dozen over her panties with his hand and then finished her spanking with a dozen more on her bare bottomand had her stand in lounge as useual with our daughter with without panties in corner for time too reflect. I came in from some errands and hared whole story and sent her too her room with the promise off a reminder spanking before bedtime and gave her a lecture on home work and behaviour and bought my husband i hugged her and told her we love her as we do each time we have too discipline our girls. I brought her up too her bed and told her too rest and left her there too sleep for bit before our other girls came home from school. But please stay firm and i know if you do then your home will become a more structured place and i promise you may not see it straight away. But a bond will happen with you with you and your girls.

  • Hi hun and first off all well done on takeing the first step on removeing something she likes from her. Im sure she gave you alot off lip and was not happy about it. I am not disrespecting you when say this hun. But when you told her two days without tv then dont negosiate with her. I realise you felt bad also as i feel same still at times and dont be h****** yourself because she never said she loves you back. Our girls sometimes dont answer us after we have disciplined them by groundings or spankings and etc. But its only because their not happy about being punished and i guarantee its same with your little one. Stay strong and firm with her hun and if she gives you anymore trouble tell her she will have no tv for longer with early bedtime and make her look at you b when talking too her and be very firm and assertive with her. I know you may find it hard hun and as i told you my now husband had never spanked his two girls apart from as said few spanks on their clothed bottoms. Please hun beleave me if she gets in your face again or curses at you then very quickly and sharpley land two too four very hard swats too her bottom. You dont have too remove her skirt,pants or panties at first. But it will catch her off guard and dont give her chance too say anything. But take her by the hand or arm and put her in her room and tell her shes staying there till she thinks about her behaviour and is ready too say sorry. I know its hard hun but trust me i went through similar stuff as you and realy feel for you. Our eldest hun did not do her maths home work on purpose and told us she had finished it. We useualy check their home work. But my husband was working and i was up too my eyes with our youngest not being well and the useual stuff us mommys do as you will know hun. Anyway her teacher lectured her about it and we were told she cursed and flipped her teacher off and rolled her eyes at her

  • I had too continue here from last post hun. But leave her in lounge bottomless for an hour and tell her shes grounded for two weeks with early bedtime for the two weeks hun and a spanked bottom every second evening before early bedtime. Trust me when your partner sees the diffrence in his little angels behaviour he will back you. Be firm with her and dont let her dictate too you. Please follow through with wath im telling you hun. We did it with our girls as told you. But it is worth it and if you love your partner and them girls like i beleave you do hun then follow through. Please post back hun for anymore advoice and even if you want too know how too spank her. The girl is craveing discipline and needs boundaries. My heart goes out too you hun and please stay strong and firm and look forward too hare from you hun. I send you love and huggs from a step mother also hun...

  • I have spoken to the mother before and I said to her the girls can do no wrong they don't get punished in her response was well they are Daddy's Girls and then she called their father and said why is it that me the step mom is getting mad that he's not punishing the girls what does she want them to get hit or punished or whatever

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