If only

I’m in love with my boyfriends best friend, who is married. But i know he wants me to. We’d never do anything about it. If only...

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  • I've been involved with a friend of my husband for the last several months. It started after almost a year of flirting and regular make-out and humping sessions without our spouses knowing. The "foreplay" was sexy and hot, but the affair has been INCREDIBLE! Having s** with each other is the nastiest thing either of us has ever done, and it's the most thrilling, and it's the BEST s**. We'd both had affairs with other people before, but it was nothing like this. You should go for it. It'll be the happiest you've ever been, I promise you. Go get that man!!!!

  • Ok, look just break up with your boyfriend. It's obvious that you don't have true feelings for him and it's absolutely not fair to him or you. Both of you need to break it off before someone gets hurt. As far as the married friend of his, do you really want to degrade yourself to the title of a mistress? Leave him alone. Find someone you truly desire and forget about all this.

  • I made the mistake you are currently contemplating. Let me just tell you: please don't do it. You'll regret it the rest of your life. PLEASE.

  • Heck he wouldn't if you gave the green light to play around.

  • I wish i was careless enough to give him the green light

  • I was careless enough to play and in the end take my friends spouse away. There was so much drama and hurt that came out of it to many around us.

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