Craving a spanking like I had when I was a kid.

Growing up my siblings and I were spanked constantly when we were bad. I was always taken to the bedroom, bared my bottom and was spanked for 20-30 minutes or until my bottom was red enough.

I tell you checking my b** in the mirror afterwards was the best feeling. my pale b** at that time was so red. I think that's what started my like for spankings.

For the past 15 years I've been wanting a good spanking like I used to get growing up. I had one a few years ago and it was great. that relationship didn't last long so the spankings didn't last long. I still have a pictures from my last spanking and the spankings I had when younger.

I sometimes even spank myself just to see my b** red but it's not as good as being across someone's knee.

Any takers? :P

Sep 5, 2016

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  • I love to spank my self

  • Want me to take over? I also love getting spanked! At first, it's painful until endorphins explode throughout the lower quarters and you have endless prostate, a***, vaginal/penile o******! Start with a smooth paddle, then a paddle with holes, next a belt, then a strap or tawse, and finally the hand. Strike low over the a*** and inside. Forget beating the outer regions. I think this is one way to show absolute trust and vulnerability in a relationship for the spankee; and a confidence builder for the spanker that says you are deeply loved. And there doesn't even better need to be a safe-word if you read each other well. I'm in la la land just thinking about it!

  • I take that offer

  • I'm glad. How would you spank me & how long? and Where are you from? I'm in Walkerton, Canada.

  • Never bare as a kid. It seems everyone on the Internet was spanked bare. For me it was always over clothes plus i remember other kids either getting a smack or saying they had been but no one ever mentioned bare.

  • I used to get the cane as a child. Interestingly I feared it but also afterwards there was a feeling of relief. I remember one time when I was about 10 or maybe 11 some friends and my stole some things from a shop. It was just a dare to see who would steal. I felt so guilty. Eventually I fessed up to my parents. I was so worried at all levels. I was caned and crying my eyes out. My father took the stuff back and apologised. I was so glad I had not been made to return the stolen stuff. I just so remember the feeling of having the weight off my shoulders.

    FF many years and I tried to convince my wife to spank me. Just for fun in the bed room. She freaked and thought I was sick. She did it a couple of times. One time was pretty hard and beforehand I had a mild headache. After I felt that feeling of lightness and relaxed and no headache. I'd love so much to explore this further.

  • Hot, petite bar hostess friend, all of 20 years old, with a great, tight ass, likes the spanking thing. I took her home one night, and jokingly..ok, I really wanted to, smacked her ass in tight yoga pants in the parking lot, and she smiled wide. Told me she really loves being smacked/spanked, and, wouldn't mind my doing it to her "for real", back at her apartment when we got there.

    We get upstairs, and she tells me to sit on the couch. Then lies across my lap, ass-up, waiting for my hands to start smacking and spanking her. I pulled the yoga pants down, and went at her thong-undied ass until my own hands hurt!

    Now, anytime she needs a ride home, this is the practice. I'm tempted to pay her, but, don't want her to feel like a prostitute. She's the one who suggested it anyway..

  • You are one lucky man! I have a friend who always wear yoga pants too, with a nice, tight and cute ass. Her ass screams 'spank me!'
    Do you take pictures or videos while spanking her?

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