Craving a Spanking like I had as a kid.

Growing up my siblings and I were spanked constantly when we were bad. I was always taken to the bedroom, bared my bottom and was spanked for 20-30 minutes or until my bottom was red enough.

I tell you checking my bum in the mirror afterwards was the best feeling. my pale bum at that time was so red. I think that's what started my like for spankings.

For the past 15 years I've been wanting a good spanking like I used to get growing up. I had one a few years ago and it was great. that relationship didn't last long so the spankings didn't last long. I still have a pictures from my last spanking and the spankings I had when younger.

I sometimes even spank myself just to see my bum red but it's not as good as being across someone's knee.

Any takers? :P

Sep 3, 2016

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  • I will spank yoj

  • Where do you live? :) In Canada by chance.
    how would you spank me? ;)

    (I'm the one who wrote that confession, wrote it before i made an account.)

  • Me too. If you and in Australia we could get together.

    I was caned as a child. Never bare. Only over clothes. Absolutely scared stiff each time but also a degree of pride when after I would inspect the bruises on my bum. It was pretty formal but only 4 or 6 strokes and they hurt like h*** but also I never felt abused. whenever I was caught being naughty I would just feel so totally depressed. I had let my parents down and let myself down. After the caning, all was forgiven and never mentioned again. huge weight of guilt off my shoulders.

  • I've always wanted to go to Australia actually. I hear a lot of spankers comes from there which makes me want to come up even more.

    I've never had the cane and that's the one I'd be terrified to receive. Trust me getting it on the bare bum hurts a lot but after being spanked on the bare growing up its all you want again.

    by the way I am a guy if people were curious. if there's anyone in Canada who enjoys to spank or be spanked hit me up! :)

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