All that for nothing..

My biggest fear about love is it being unrequited but let me explain a bit deeper. I’m a male in my mid twenties and I’m straight forward. I’m not for that “won’t tell you I like you, but will do small things to hint at it and hope you will pick up on it and reciprocate” NO, kids and teenagers do that s***. My honest approach is “Hey, I’m into you and if ur interested we can see where this goes”. Problem is I know a lot of ppl aren’t like that though.

I’m scared of putting it out there yet still be lead on..

There’s a girl I’m interested in and like I said I went in with the straight forward approach. She didn’t reject me but says we are still getting to know one another which is fine. Through different sources I know she’s single and chatting with other guys and just recently befriended another one. We snap chat and txt sometimes but it’s hard to have a convo with her that isn’t short answered around 10 pm she’ll stop talking all together. Found out through her best friend that she has late night chats with whoever including FaceTime and her snaps will consist of indirect comments like “ how can some ppl get others interested then leave them in the dark” and “he won’t realize what he has until it’s gone” I know it’s not about me cause I try to chat with her everyday...
I do feel like I’m being led on and that one day I’m gonna find her with some guy talking about “we’re finally official” and just feel like s***.....

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  • Let it go and move on. You're wasting your time "chasing".

  • So if the sytraight forward approach continually doesn't work......what the f*** does that mean

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