Found the dumbest person alive on

"It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age" was the title. Just from the title, i knew this had to be a joke. If it isn't, this person was probably dropped as a child.

They go on to say how if their kid wants to smoke, at 8 years old (when they barely know how to tie their shoe laces), they would let them. And support it. I quote "If my child wanted to start smoking I would let her as long as she was 8 or older." Where the fuck is social services when you need them? What kind of revelation did this person have to wake up one morning and say "i'll let my toddler smoke if they want"?

Do they know about the proven health risks? Cancer, lung issues, premature wrinkles, blackened teeth. They WANT that for their kid? OH IT GETS BETTER.

"I started smoking when I was 12....both of my parents are heavy smokers going through about 2 packs a day. Even my step parents are heavy smokers. On my dads side their is a lot of drug and alcohol use.." That explains a lot. "Your child is pretty much growing up in a world filled with different tobacco products that lots of people use. If you let your child smoke and they have never done it before and they try it once and they end up hating it ask them if they would like to try a different brand if they say yes then support them don’t tell people that will get mad at you for letting your child smoke!"

They are trying to justify giving an 8 year old a cigarette with "everyone is doing it?" That's no different than knowing people commit suicide all the time, and saying that if your 8 year old wanted to do that to try it, that's okay. If this person said that, they would be put in a mental institute. Really, that was a but much as an example. But considering the side effects to Tobacco, they are basically throwing away their child's health.

"Remember you are not a bad person for letting your child smoke. Lots of people say you have to be 18 to smoke and buy cigarettes. That’s not true. It is not against the law to smoke before the age of 18." And that's it for their glorious confession. News flash, whoever the fuck you are. Just because people smoke, doesn't make it okay to let a kid that young do it. You said it yourself that you were 12 when you started. That's probably why your IQ matches your age.

And i don't know what kind of planet you're living on. But stores don't sell cigarettes to people younger than 18. That IS true. Gee, i wonder why. Maybe it's because children have no place puffing on a cigarette?

Anyway, my faith in humanity has officially dropped. This person is probably some hick inbred redneck, and i honestly think they should be sterile. If they are reading this, please, please for the love of God, DON'T HAVE CHILDREN. You want to be a cool, awesome parent? Get rehab, clean up your act, and be the best you can for your child. Handing them the cigarette is no different than giving them a loaded gun to play with. And if this was just one big joke, congratulations. You've won the Idiot Award of 2018. I bet your parents are proud!

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