Real life story of a pre-teen smoker

I have seen other posts on here about the issue of young children becoming addicted cigarette smokers, and I would love to ignite a discussion with others who have been faced with this issue. For my part, I was guided, encouraged and taught how to inhale cigarette smoke into my lungs when I was just 8 years old. Oh my goodness, the feeling of smoke going into my young body was astonishing. Even though I was just a kid, and I knew I was doing something quite forbidden, I almost immediately fell in love with the sensation. I knew on my first night of smoking, that I wanted my aunty to let me keep smoking with her. She, as kindly as you can imagine, told me, if she were to do this, it would be very likely that I would soon become addicted like she was. Not only did this not bother me, I actually wanted to know how she felt and to have no choice but to smoke, regularly, everyday.

Not surprisingly, aunty let me keep smoking, and, within a week of my 2-week stay with aunty, I knew I was hooked. Even though my aunty's younger daughters thought I was some kind of freak, becoming a smoker so young was a wonderous experience for me. In hardly any time, I was smoking a packet of 25 Winfield Menthol every two days, and I was lighting up as and when I felt the desire. Aunty gave me my own ashtray and lighter and her permission to smoke with her, even when we were out in public. Even though I was just a kid, I learnt quickly how to take a cheek hollowing drag, double pump my smoke, and, truth be told, I was smoking just like any adult. I felt so grown up and soothed by my new addiction. Smoking gave me comfort that I came to rely upon as I went through the rest of my childhood years.

I was pretty mature for my age, and I took on board my new status as a smoker with complete sincerity. From those first two weeks on, every time I was with Aunty, I smoked as heavily as my little body could handle, and I had the same need to smoke as my aunty. When I was with my anti-smoking Mum & Dad, I became an opportunist and devised ways for me to covertly smoke, usually, as a minimum, at least 4 or 5 times a day.

I know from my personal experience, that if a child is guided by a supportive adult, they are not too young to become a smoker. Millions of people worldwide enjoy smoking, and, in my opinion, there is no reason why, if a child is curious, they too should not be able to take up the habit.

I know I am different, but I would love to chat with others who have had a similar experience, either as an adult letting a child smoke, or a child themselves who started smoking.

I find this whole issue intiguing.

Love Paula

Nov 9, 2020

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  • Hi there,

    It is a pleasure to read some of the replies to my original confession about my early initiation as a smoker and my childhood spent as a fully and heavily addicted cigarette smoker. Being a smoker as a little boy helped me feel secure in myself and gave me enormous sensual pleasure, perhaps even more heightened than an adult smoker. And, even though I was a four eyed boy who wore glasses, once my aunty helped me start smoking just after turning 7, I suddenly felt desirable and was often told how gorgeous I looked holding my burning 🔥 menthol smoke. I also gained a sense identity and loved my bright green Winfield Menthol 25s brand.

    I'd like to confess also about how powerfully I was addicted. By age 9, I had fallen into a 40 a day habit on non school days and about 30 even during days at school. Although I experienced intense cravings and agitation if I was unable to smoke, I actually enjoyed the control that smoking had over me not to mention the utter relief I experienced upon lighting up and sucking in repeated cloudy b**** of toxic smoker into my young lungs.

    Getting addicted was certainly not a thing my aunty tricked me into. She said to me at the outset that she could see how comforted I looked as I smoked, but that, if I decided I wanted her to keep encouraging me to smoke, I absolutely had to understand I would get addicted just like her even though I was a child. Truth is, the act of submitting myself to a life in which I lost my choice was really exciting. Aunty supported me throughout the process of my onset of addiction and it occurred very rapidly. After only 8 or 9 days of regular smoking, I suddenly realized I could not imagine going back to my life as a normal non-smoking boy.

    Xoxo P

  • I love your story and agree fully with you. My daughter kept wanting to try smoking, so at age 7, I told her how to inhale, and give her a puff off of mine whenever she wanted one. soon, she was asking all the time and i knew she was getting cravings, so i started to give her one cigarette at a time, not just a puff or two. Over time, she smoked more and more, and now, at age 16, she smokes a pack a day. We all smoke in my family. I started when I was 8, and I was taught by my Mom, too. Five years ago, my husband and i unexpectedly got pregnant again. My son is wanting to smoke, and I am debating if I should teach him now, or wait another year or two. And, yes, I smoked throughout both pregnancies and while nursing. Didn't even cut down. As in the 1950's and 60's, nothing bad happened. Both kids turned out just fine.
    For those smoking-supportive parents on here, I'd welcome some opinions on when you think I should let my son start smoking.

  • Hi there - I am wondering how you are going with your little boy and if you have helped him to start smoking yet? When we were exchanging posts previously, you said that he was already really curious and I felt that you were ready to begin helping him to become an addicted smoker and feel the pleasure of cigarettes. If you have got him started, I'd love to hear about how he is finding smoking, and how his development of an addiction is progressing.

    Our granddaughter has been smoking habitually now for about 8 months, and she has just turned 6. Her birthday party was just lovely, and we encouraged her to smoke in front of her friends, which she did and they all thought she looked really amazing.

    The hardest part for my GD is while she is at school and unable to smoke, but even despite this she has developed beautifully into a heavy little smoker. She is now able to also smoke at home with her mum, and when she is with us, we enjoy letting her talk to us about her smoking. With our encouragement, Indie is now smoking a packet of 25 Menthol a day, and when she is with us in the weekends, she is able to smoke a lot more than during the week, and it really is lovely to see her enjoying her smokes so much. Often during these weekend, Indie is smoking close to 40 cigarettes a day. I am so proud of her, and she often tells me how glad she is that she is allowed to smoke.

    I look forward to your update.
    With love xoxo

  • Hi there - your message is a lovely one & I am just wondering how old your son is. Our family sounds similar to your and we are a very happy & close smoking family of 3 generations. I know a lot of people would have me publicly flogged, but I feel really strongly that it is a beautiful experience both for the parent and the child, for the child to be guided and supported to start smoking. How young is too young, I don't know, but in our family, once she had turned 5, my wife & I have helped our granddaughter to begin smoking. She is a lovely child and understands what is happening but, once she learnt to inhale, she was swept head over heals by the sensation of smoke going into her body and in just a couple of months is now fully addicted and smokes usually about 15-20 a day. We are so thrilled and she is over the moon. I hope this helps but if you'd like to chat on a more personal level, please email me on - I am a safe person who shares the same feelings as you about this issue - warm regards, P

  • Hi Paul,
    He is 5, going on six. We've decided the next time he really begs, we'll teach him to smoke. Thanks for you caring advice.

  • Can u answer me is he smoking yet

  • So is he smoking know ppd what brand does he smoke

  • So is your 6 year old smoking yet

  • Good on you, I think 5 going on 6 is a wonderful age to start smoking because you'll be able to explain to him everything that will be involved. But if I were you, I wouldn't wait until he begs. The best way to move forward is to raise the issue of smoking and let him feel safe to tell you his thoughts and his feelings about smoking. With a burning cigarette between your fingers, ask him if he would like a little try and if he does, bring your cigarette to his lips so he can try his first puff. Keep doing this for a while, perhaps while he is sitting on your lap. I think its really important as this is happening to tell him how beautiful being a smoker is and all of the lovely things about it. You need to tell him that because he is such a good boy, you have decided that he can start now to, and, if he would like, you'll guide him through how to inhale so that he can feel the sensation of smoke hitting his lungs. It will be such a beautiful experience for your whole family and you should make sure your wee boy feels special and grown up. You'll also need to explain to him about addiction, and be by his side as he develops a nicotine dependence. I think your son will be over the moon that he is allowed, but I would recommend regular cuddles and lots of heart to heart chats about how he is feeling as he becomes a smoker. Please feel free to email if you like. Warm regards, P

  • Thank you so much for your suggestions. It is so hard to find anyone to discuss this with without being threatened with beheading!

  • I know how you feel - & I understand that what we are doing helping our kids start smoking so young is crossing a forbidden line - but there are so many much more worse things in the world &, from my experience, what we are doing is so very special for both the child & the adult that I feel very comfortable about things.

    How is your little boy going & have you let him try smoking yet. I really believe that once you give him a try, everything will fall into place, and you can begin showing him all the things he needs to know in order to become a smoker, just like his parents. I am sure, from what you say, that your little boy really wants to be allowed to smoke, and by letting him, you will give him and your whole family a very special gift. Smoking a cigarette, even for me after years of smoking since i was a child myself, still feels very beautiful and sensual, and I honestly believe your son, once he learns how to inhale will fall in love with the feeling and the whole cigarette smoking lifestyle.

    Let me know how you are getting on.

    Lots of love, P

    P.s., email me if you like...

  • If anyone is really interested in the issue of pre-teen smoking, have a look at This contains some very sincere stories by mothers who let their kids start smoking, some of them at a very young age. The results show that of the 2513 ladies who voted that they have taught their daughter to smoke, 868 (33%) of these woman did this when their child was under 5 years of age.

    Despite a margin of error for these results, it is clear from this poll that their are lots of woman who encourage their kids to start smoking, just like my aunty did for me when I was 8 years old. Lots of "normal" people might take pity on me and feel how irresponsible my aunty was to leave me, just a child, saddled with a smoking addiction. But, truth be told, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me in my young life. Oh sure, I definitely got a real heavy addiction, and, everyday, I now had a responsibility to find opportunities to feed my need, but I took all of the responsibilities of being a smoker willingly onboard.

    Starting smoking as just a child helped calm me, made me feel comforted and secure, unique, grown up and kind of sexy. And, I felt trusted, trusted by my aunty that I was mature enough to cope with being a proper smoker. Aunty and I, because of our smoking, shared a much closer relationship than we ever would have been possible otherwise.

    And, yes, for the record, I have helped both my daughters start smoking as kids, and am just going through the process now with my granddaughter who is just 5, but she is loving it and so very pleased that her grandparents are letting her.

    I really look forward to more posts about this topic.

  • Thanks for your lovely story. I recognize a lot. I shall tell you an other part of my life.

    As I wrote 6 days ago my sexy granny tought me how to smoke. I was just 9yo. When I think about that in fact it is irresponseble. But I alsof realise that it gaves me a lot of happines. As I said I always feel me sexy with a lot of selfconfidence when I have a cigaret between my fingers.
    My 2 daughters also smoke and they also have that sexy feelings. They startend when they were about 8. I am used to smoke insite the house so for them it was normal to smell the smoke of cigarets and see me smoking. They where interested in cigarets zo I told them about smoking and let them try. They liked it and I gave them once a day a puff. After 2 weeks I told them that it feels more beter of the keep the smoke into your lungs. It was amazing for them. After another 2 weeks I gave them one cigaret a day after dinner. Every evening we sat and talked about anything and smoking. It was a nice time.
    Now my eldest daughter has a daughter of 6yo and I recently spoke with my daughter how to teach her child smoking soon. How nice is it to sit together with 3 generations and enjoy smoking.
    With love.

  • Is your daughter 6 year old smoking what brand ppd any moore of your daughters children smoking know

  • I'd love to talk more privately with you by email - if you like send me a message on - I have so many erotic smoking experiences to share and would love to explore your erotic feelings too xx

  • I love your message and feel just the same as you do about letting your kids share in the pleasure of cigarette smoking. I know from my own personal experience that, when I started smoking with aunty when I was 8, how special I felt and, once I learnt how to inhale the smoke into my little lungs, I had found something that helped me relax and feel comfort. I think 8 is a good time to start for a child if they are curious, but, in our case, we are just in the process of introducing our granddaughter to smoking and she is just 5, and, when she stays with us every weekend, we make her feel completely safe to smoke with us. She is really starting to get the hang of it, and she tells us how nice she feels when the smoke goes into her. We are so proud of her, and just love to see the pleasure on her face as she puffs away. I'd love to email with you and, if you're interested my email is

  • When you are in the hospital bed and your family is standing around you watching you fight to take your last breaths. Tell them how se xy smoking is and you want a smoke now.

  • I also have erotic feelings when I fill my lungs with the smoke of a cigaret or if I see another woman doing it. It started when I was a little girl of 9 yo. I got my frist puff from my granny. My granny is a sexy woman of 53 yo. She often wears high heels and short skirts whith a beautifull body. I liked it when she inhaled deep the smoke of her cigaret. I promissed myself to become such a beautifull woman. So the first thing I had to do was to start smoking. My granny saw that I liked the way she was smoking. So once, I remember it was on a Saturdaymorning, she gave me my first puff. That dat she gave me some more puffs and she could see that I liked it. The next day she was sitting in the garden in front of her house. It was a nice garden next to the street where people were walking. She asked me to sit with her and drink some coffee. Yes I like also coffe! When I was sitting next to her, she asked me if I would smoke. I was suprised but said yes so I get my first own cigaret. I felt very proud that I was sitting with my granny smoking my own cigaret. Smoking together on a place where people could see us. From that moment I was sure that smoking should be a part of my life.
    With love.

  • When you are in the hospital bed and your family is standing around you watching you fight to take your last breaths. Tell them how se xy smoking is and you want a smoke now! Tell them you are hor ny now.

  • If I smoke I feel good and sexy. It is A part of nu life at several moments especially erotic ones.
    With love.

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