My Uncle and the little green peppers

My Aunt married a man from Poland. He was an intelligent hard working man but he was hard headed. You couldn't tell him anything.

We were enjoying a home cooked meal at my Grandmothers house when he saw a display of long skinny green peppers my grandmother grew in her garden. She grew these peppers to make a sauce we used t favor beans and sometimes other vegetable dishes. He said he wanted to try one.

I was the first one to warn him not to try to eat those peppers. They were very hot and burned like H***. I personally am sweating at this long ago memory.

My Grandmother pleaded with him not to eat even a small bite of these potent peppers but he reached into the bowl got a pepper and crunch.

Big mistake Uncle Joe. He was unable to breathe. His face was fiery red and I could tell he was in agony. He had bitten into the seeds which were very very hot.

My Grandmother made him some ice water which helped until the cold wore off and then he had to drink some more. The peppers messed up his stomach and he was unable to work the next day.

Beware of grandmas little skinny long green peppers.

I would stop the story here but I want to elaborate how hot these peppers were. My grandmother's pepper sauce was potent. She made it with apple cider vinegar with the peppers in a mason jar.

When I was eating pinto beans I usually used this sauce sparingly although it made the beans taste better and put a pleasant glow in your mouth. You overdo the sauce and you were in big trouble. The sauce would make a painful reappearance when you went to the bathroom burning your butt good on its way out.

My grandmother passed away but the memory of her peppers and her sauce are legendary.

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