The living death of the bully called Carl Harrison

Carl Harrison liked to pick fights. The fights were never fair because the victim was always obviously weaker and not equal to him in strength. Carl liked to hurt people.

One day when I was at a gathering near a community swimming pool he walked up to me and said "get your hands out of your pocket, you might have a knife" I told him I had no knife but when I put my hand back down he knocked the ** out of me. I saw stars.

My friend was knocked out and another guy there got his front tooth knocked out.

OK, this guy was part of a gang so we didn't get to the police. There were no cell phones in those days anyway.

OK ol Carl was pretty smug about the whole thing and decided to attack someone else. This time the guy had a gun. He was older than he looked and he worked in a profession where you carried a gun on you. This man ducked under Carls punches and fired at the bulk of his body. The .38 cal bullet blew his ** off and his ** right off.

Carl was only 19 and he went through the rest of his life with no **.

**, I didn't want him to die. I wanted him to keep on living like that.

He lived another 25 years and died of a heart attack while working as an order puller at a junkyard.

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  • Lol
    Bet even dickless he still beat your ** all over the place😅

  • He went sissy after his ** were blown off. Rumor had it he sucked ** to make up for his lack of one.

  • Karma

  • Karma doesn't exist, little sheep. Only people who have the strength to give back exist. You and enabling pussays like you don't count, so shut up.

  • So so nice to see the bully get their comeuppance.

  • There are enough bullets for every bully, I think. We should test this theory.

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