I Get triggered easily

Before you start to read this, the stuff i am posting about isn't me saying i have the worst problems because i know i dont. Its just me confessing things i cant say aloud...
I think i have depression.
I dont know what kind, if i even do, why i might, or what is even going on.
I feel high on happiness on moment, then nothing the next. I feel litteraly nothing. No happiness, no anger ,no fear, no sadness, just tears. I bottle everything up untill i cant and just explode. people get angry at me if im not always happy, or if i'm just flat with emotion, like its my fault or somthing. Even when im writing this its just my little voice in my head talking while my body just presses the keys. I dont even know why but the littlest things trigger this feeling. whether its others saying somethings, somthing i hear, or even me thinking. I want help but i just cant reachout for it. Im a minor so its not like i can go get it myself, and my parents add to this feeling and wouldnt do s***. once i told about this feeling and they blamed it on me and its my doing. i really want help.

someone reading this please tell what to do

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  • I wish I could help but I don't know how to deal with my problems either....

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  • Talk to a counselor at school honey

  • Honestly they don’t do s***.... they do help with little middle school drama but this isn’t that.

  • They don’t help with a highschooler going through with depression and anxiety in the right way, they just give kid medications that make things worse

  • What you need to do is tell yourself that that didn't happen in the past and you are someone else. it will work. just tell yourself you are someone else.

  • Yeah, that's a healthy, head-on way to deal with things. Psh...

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