I Enthusiastically Belong to Satan!

I dedicated myself to Satan in a ceremony when I was 17 years old and I am still as firmly in His control as I was then! I am not a part of any group or "coven." I do my worshiping individually. I would never do any sacrificing or hurting anyone or anything because that would dishonor Lord Satan. My relationship with Him is very personal and private, but also a very beautiful and wonderfully deep thing. To me, He is the center of my existence and my world and I would have it no other way. I could no more escape from Him than I could sprout wings and fly. I love Him with all my heart and soul!! Recently, I have begun to expand my love for him a bit by very openly discussing my wonderful God on the internet. Many people have contacted me asking advice on how to dedicate and I have started to help to lead them to Him. I am happy to say that I have successfully led a bit more than 2 dozen people to Him, and I will continue to do so!
This is not a fantasy or a lie! I am not a silly teen who is trolling for kicks. I LEGITIMATELY love and worship Satan as a REAL entity and I really do lead as many people to Him as I can! Save your futile preaching and your useless attempts to "save my soul," because I am firmly and TOTALLY the spiritual property of my Lord Satan!

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  • If there is no God, whose slave shall I be ?

  • The slave of your desires.

  • I lived in San Francisco in my late teens and associated with a Satanic group for a while. In retrospect, it was all a bunch of bullshit. It was just a bunch of young, confused people who craved an outlet to be different, make friends, and do s*** of which their parents would disapprove. It was fun for a bit, but then you grow up.

  • *rolls eyes*. So edgy. Congrats on dedicating yourself to reverse sky fairies invented by some douches a couple of thousand years ago. It's not even original. Your beliefs are just a mash up of very old superstitious nonsense, with all the wanted bits kept, and the unwanted bits left. You might as well dedicate yourself to Sauron.

    On the plus side it does make stupid people easy to spot when they start with stuff like this. Scraping the bottom of the human barrel.

  • There is nothing Satan wants more than your destruction. Just remember that.

  • And here comes the counter sky fairy believer. Incredible how stupid modern people can be. Another one for the moron pile.

  • Show me proof that God does NOT exist. Show me proof that there is nothing supernatural or divine which is beneath human understanding. Until you can do that don't trash someone for their beliefs. Respect all faiths even if you don't believe in them, otherwise how does that make you different from the religious fanatics?

  • Just as fake as a Christian god. In fact it legitimizes their beliefs about how you can still be saved. From f****** what? You want 'it', if h*** is a result of your beliefs.

  • I was led to Satan by an older married lady over 10yrs ago. She and I are still connected and her husband still doesn't know about me or about her faith.

  • How rich are you?

  • Yeh we know like the royals in uk. great. what's new?

  • Affirmative....looking to the outside picture Satan is our true lord whom we worship so dearly

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