Another man

I’m a married fifty year old engineer who has always fantized having s** with another man. Not enough to actually do anything about it until a couple of weeks ago. My company sent me to Denver for a month and after a couple of days I got bored. I went out one night and walked around the neighborhood where my hotel was. I saw a bar and went in for a beer. I sat there for awhile and after my second beer I noticed that I was sitting in a gay bar. I felt uncomfortable and was about to leave when this guy started taking to me. He was about my age, nice looking and he was easy to talk to. We had a laugh about me inadvertently walking to a gay bar when he suggested that maybe it wasn’t a mistake. He said he could see my ring and knew I was married. He also said that he was married as well but am sometimes he needed a man. I told him about my feelings and he offered to be my first. I was a little buzzed and all these feelings just came to the surface. I asked him to my hotel room and he agreed. I was really nervous but he did everything to set me at ease. When we got to my room he told me that nothing would happen that I didn’t want to happen. I asked if I could see his d***. He smiled and complied. He just stood there with his now erect d*** mere inches from my face. He told me to do whatever I wanted so I ran my hands all over his junk. After a few minutes of me playing with him I noticed a drop of pre c** at the tip. I simply licked it up and his whole body jerked. We both laughed and then I just starting sucking him. I really got into it which made me super h****. Soon we were both naked and running our hands all over each other. He got on his knees and gave me the best b****** I’ve ever had. My brain was on fire. We ended up on the bed rolling around and kissing. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Without saying a word he leaned over and took a condom out of his pants. He put the rubber on then put my legs over his shoulders and gently penetrated my virgin ass. It was painful at first but he took his time. Before I knew it he was b**** deep in me and we were s******* like animals. I didn’t anticipate the sensations I would feel from a*** s** and it swept me away. Who knew pain could feel so good. He screwed me in several positions and I just took it. Both of us were covered in sweat and breathless as he suddenly pulled out. Without even thinking I sat up , pulled off the rubber and sucked his swollen d*** until it burst in my mouth. Then he pushed me on my back and sucked me off until I emptied myself into his mouth. Hottest s** of my life. We hooked up two or three times a week at my hotel during the month I was there. I even got to f*** him. Now that I’m home I plan on finding a friend here.


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  • Glad you met someone and was able to play. I'm was along hoping his wearing a condom
    Didnt mess up your ability to feel that load in your hole. Again, great story.

  • Awesome, the hottest s** i have is also with other guys, im mwm.

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