Laps like a Dog

I met her on OK Cupid, TBH I picked her because I thought it would make a good f*** buddy seem like an easy pick. Damn! I was right first Date she invited me over to the house. I ended up sleeping over that night. I couldn’t stop f****** her. She even let me try a*** our first night together. One thing though, when she would ride me she would lap like a dog, her tongue sticking out and making as far as I can describe a dog lapping sound I was like WTF. I thought it was a one time thing but she did over and over again when she got really excited but it weirded me out. Anyhow, she loved to f*** and the last time we were together I made her squirt. But she’s a bit of a psycho LOL so I stopped seeing her but damn I miss the great s** is the lapping weird?

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  • You are disgusting

  • Why is he disgusting? Total honest post! I know

  • Why would you, an admitted paedophile say that?

  • WTF are you talking about pedophilia? This is an adult consentual relationship

  • When she starts to lap like that, stick your d*** in her mouth.

  • ….yah...….. sticking your d*** in a girl's mouth is a good solution to almost ANY problem. :)

  • Agreed.

  • You should not have dumped her. If she wasn't pressing for a LTR, then maybe she didn't want one. Maybe she only needed the s**, too. Call her back. Email her. Send her a card. Invite her to dinner. Don't let her get away. If the s** is what you say, DON'T LET HER GET AWAY!!!

  • I did get back with her. That’s when she squirted but she has other issues and wasn’t willing to grow...

  • If she laps like a dog, then f*** her like one.

  • Hmm, i hope i wins the lotteries first prize a few times over.

  • Yes, it's weird. It's totally weird. But the great s** makes it worthwhile. Send her my way: I'll let her lap as much as she wants. :)

  • Natural for a r***** !

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