To someone,

The very first time I laid my eyes on you was few years ago through facebook. Your account came across mine so I decided to review. Surprisingly while reviwing your images, I had a deja vu. I imagined you through ancient time that is still very uncertain to me. That was my very first hint we I had a mysterious connection. Surprisingly, we met in person out of the blue. I asked myself "Is he the one from facebook?" You were. Again, I was surprised. I don't know if that was the very first time you ever noticed me but we acted like we knew each already.

Then after I got to know you intuitively, I realized you were a player and I had to keep my distance. I don't even be friends with players to be frank. I don't know how but as time went by we both began to attract each other like magnets. I knew you were no good for me then how did it even happen, I asked myself? The truth is it happened. No matter how much I tried to deter myself from feeling toward you I just couldn't.

That's when I realized you don't always have control over everything. As I was keeping myself detached, you became more possessive of me. As if you own me. I know you still believe that. I still couldn't understand at that point why it was happening. We literally have no future.

We're two world apart. How can I think of having stable committment with a player? Who has no sense of pure relationship, loyalty, care and love? I realized something and did an online search on soulmates. Even until now I deny to accept the fact that we can ever be soulmates.

I asked myself "did one of my wishes came true? Have I truly met the one I've been waiting for?" After some realization, I asked myself "is he what I've always wanted in life? Was I truly waiting for a soulmate who would hurt me degrade me?" The truth is, you still have a lot of growing up to do and I don't accuse you of being possessive of me because you became possessive due to my stupid wish.

One of the harsh truths I'd realized recently is that we'll always belong to each other whether we end up together in this life or not.

Take care.


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  • I could have written this; only a few details differ between my story and yours. Why are we so strongly drawn to people who aren't good for us? Frankly, I don't care about "past life karma" or whatever-- if I'm not allowed to remember that life, I refuse to "pay" for it!! So keep any toxic "soulmates" away from me, because I'm not going to dance like a puppet for "karma"'s sake. End of.

  • Yes. Everybody is always going on about finding their soulmate, but guess what? Your soulmate is human too, which means they can be pretty fvcked in the head. It's better to be with someone healthy who isn't your soulmate than stuck with "The One" who's a basket case. Better luck next life.

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