A warning to all subhumans

I have been observing all of you from the shadows. Your subhuman like behaviour repulses me, but I see some enlightened individuals who are deemed worthy in my eyes. The Enlightened Ones, as I call them, shall do my bidding to rid all of you lesser beings. They are all among you, and may be your friends and family members.Trust no one, and turn to the path of enlightenment now, before the first shots are fired and the cleansing begins.

Wahrheit mai Frei.



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  • You are just a attention seeking fuckingg a******

  • Unlike everyone else on this site? Lol.

  • What a waste of flesh you are. Shame.

  • Don't tell me, you were raised a Catholic.

  • Sieg Heil!!! Kill juden!!!

  • Good luck on selling anybody on that N*** slogan BS from Auschwitz.

  • You don't scare me. I'll be wearing my chain mail armour and shall be wielding my +2 mace.
    F****** dork.

  • Not a bad start to a novel. Some sort of sci-fi tang?

  • Looks like the guy's writing some sort of novel or something, where the protagonist is a n*** or some s***.

  • Go fake urself idiot

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