I'm sort of a wimp and my wife knew that when we got married. After the wedding we and her family stopped by her parents house to pick up some clothes for the honeymoon. There was a conversation going on in the kitchen when I came downstairs carrying the luggage so I headed for it after loading up the car. The door was locked and I heard my bride say "Oh yes!"

The kitchen had two high windows so I went out the front door and around to check the back door and as I passed the high window I tiptoed and looked in. I was shocked to see my new wife bent over a table with her wedding dress pulled up and my new brother-in-law ramming his **** into her *****. Her Dad was pumping my wife's married sister and my wife was jilling her Mom under her Mom's dress. There was a big puddle on the floor under my wife and her Mom so they were both squirting. As I watched, my Brother-in-law tensed up and shot a load into my wife. That was soon followed by my Sister-in-law getting a big load. I could see both her Dad and my BIL had c**** twice my size.

To make a long story short, many years later I'm used to standing in the corner as her family comes over to enjoy her fruits in front of me in a big orgy. It usually around the holidays and includes her Mom and Dad, my Brother and Sister-in Law, her Mom's brother, and her Aunts and Uncles and sometimes their married Nieces and Nephews.

I'm never allowed to participate and have to be satisfied licking *** out of their ***** and off their *****. My wife doesn't care what I see.

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  • That's about the strangest fantasy I've ever read.

  • I call BS fantasy maybe but in her wedding dress, practice your writing skills, more comedic than reality here

  • I don’t know about the rest of the family but at least you can take a revenge from your wife. First of all f*** her in ass real hard and then throw her to your friends for some good money. One by one attack each women in your wife’s family. Tell them you would no longer sit and watch the fuckingg show

  • That'd be all well and good if this story were actually true.

  • Yeah I know that this is complete BS story but let him feel happy that some one is getting fooled...

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