Doom experience

In 1993 doom came out.
Every kid played it and I also became huge fan of this game.
I loved doom whole my life. And this has never changed.
But I want to confess something that somehow was born inside of me past those all years of playing doom. Something dark and dirty...

One of those nights when parents where out I was playing this brand-new map that wad makers ( doom map makers ) made recently. I started to feel like I am the real thing in the game I am that doom marine on Mars and moon killing daemons. And I felt I am getting hornier and hornier. Then suddenly I just stopped playing, stand up from computer and run upstairs. I found my dads green shirt. Took my mothers opaque green tights and got in my rain boots. I looked like idiot but here I was the new doom marine has been created here on earth. Who and how? We do not know.

Let me be straight. No o***** has happened that night. I just came back to computer and played doom. Then returned the cloths. But the thing is i changed. I started to love doom even more. More than you can imagine. Now I always when ever I play doom.

I am now the modern Doom multi player website master administrator. It took me a lot of effort but It was worth it.

It's called Zandronum and we are big part of the whole doom world.

Join our community at
zandronum DOT com

Check out irc and forums. But don't try to f*** with us. We have skilled hackers around. And we can bite.


Nov 4, 2018

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