A river outing

When I was seventeen my girlfriend and I were at the Platte River in central Nebraska. It was a popular hangout for youth with shallow river water and lots of sandy beaches for us.
As the warm afternoon went along GF and I met two boys and we all walked slowly down river which was about two feet deep. Girlfriend and I were between the two older boys.
As the conversation went along to my surprise one of the boys said, "we should de-pants him." As that was said my GF made a quick exit down river leaving us. I replied, "I don't think that is a good idea?" At that time one of the boys jumped up and placed me in a tight head lock bent over at the waist.
The other boy came around behind and down came my swim trunks and as I was pulled up river walked right out of them. A couple of things were done to me to speed me along up river all the while in the head lock.
As I was naked being bent over now with this boys arm under my neck/chin walked up river the other boy was running down river with my trunks.
When we were separated by at least 800-900 ft I was let go and told I had better start running as my swim trunk had been thrown in the river and were drifting further away.... as I had sit down in the river to hide myself. Slowly, realizing he was right I slowing got to running down river towards groups of other young people in and out of the water. Running naked for the first time I felt my p**** hitting from side to side against my legs in a erect state. Trying to run to save my trunks and trying to cover myself as I tried to pass people staring as far away as I could. With some of them yelling, "Streakier!" Holding ones hands down their while running makes ones butt swing side to side more visibly adding to everyone's enjoyment.

I recovered my swim trunks but the boy had taken my waist draw strings and tied many tight knots between the leg openings so I sit in the river for some time undoing knots with some people standing around enjoying my predicament. By that time I just stood up and turned my back to them and jumped back in my trunks and walked back to my girl friend who was sitting in my car ready to be taken back to her home. We both said very little on the drive back and we never went out together again. She never did say if she saw anything....and I was too embarrassed to ask.

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  • This was a sexual assault, not a joke.

  • I wouldn't have even gave a s***. I'd used it as an opportunity to show off my c*** to the girls.. especially the girlfriends of the two guys who did it.

  • She was a total b****!

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