I think I turned my Christian parents into Athiests

When I was really young, my parents found the Lord and raised me on Christianity. Church twice every Sunday, one every Wednesday, the whole ordeal. Even missionary work. I was so religious all through my teen years. I was such a good kid.
Eventually, I started to see a lot of flaws in the church. Most of them would act a certain way on Sunday, and a different way the rest of the week. I was just about the only teenager in the church who didn't cuss, smoke, drink, or have s**. Then all h*** broke lose: I started getting accused of these things. I was told I was going to h***. Once I turned 18 (more like 19 or 20) I moved away from home and never went back to church.
My parents stayed religious until I was around 30, despite their old church having a bad falling out. Now im nearly 40 and most folks don't go to church or act Christian at all. Its so weird.
I cant help but feel responsible. They changed their ways to become religious and raise the best kid they could. It failed. They seem miserable. What if they were right, what if there really is a heaven and h***? I feel Ive screwed up but I cant help how I feel. I cant do fake.

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  • You just typed my story

  • Denial and abstinence tends to elevate the forbidden and make it appear more appealing. The most perverted are often those from religious backgrounds which associate s** with sin. Just look at the record of the Catholic Church.

  • Poor thing, why should you feel responsible? Because you were able to see all the hypocrisy and illness from the jump? Religion falls apart the minute intelligence and perception are applied. That's your former church's members' problem, not yours.

    Also, you said that your parents didn't distance themselves from the church until you were around 30, and that there was some sort of dust-up in the meantime. You still think their stepping back was your fault somehow? Nah. I'm sorry that they're miserable, but maybe that's because the scales finally fell from THEIR eyes and they realized that they'd spent their lives in a snake pit.

    If religion is necessary for their personal foundations, fine. May they find another church where the people maybe don't glory in their "every day except Sunday" sin-fests. But this is not on you, OP. Please know that. And even though it's gotta be painful in this terminally-$crewed world stuffed with idiots, keep that beautiful brain of yours switched on!

  • Reading these responses has actually been a great help and a real eye-opener at helping me find some peace. Thank you all so much, you guys are great!

  • A person strong in their religious faiths and beliefs, will not falter in those beliefs, because of others misdoings.

    A person's faith with a religion, is a personal journey and an individual relationship with their god. Others have no right to interfere in that.

  • A religion, is just a religion. It's the individuals that decide to follow them, that determine how they'll interpret it and live their lives, according to how they perceive that religion.

    Some use religion as an excuse, to accommodate their - Misguided views, prejudices, sick desires and so forth. Some follow their religions blindly and literally, according to each scripture.
    Some abuse their religion and use it to judge, discriminate, slander and hurt others. Which isn't very righteous in my opinion. It's very hypocritical of those who profess to be holy, to slander those who are ACTUALLY living a righteous path, such as in your case.

    Don't blame yourself regarding your parents lack of faith. They probably came to their senses. In my opinion, a person doesn't need to go to church, to become and be a good Christian. It's not a place of worship that entails what sort of relationship, you'll have with your god, it's within you as an individual, that determines that. Don't conform and be a follower of others, decide on your own terms, what you want.

  • We don't know if there is heaven or h***. In my view God is a god of Love and you cant force that on someone. if you believe then that's great. Your faith is yours and their faith is theirs. BTW, the Christian thing is not that we get into heaven or h*** by what we have done. We get in because of what Jesus did - sacrifice on the cross and all we have to do is accept him as God.

  • Yes, h-ell and heaven are for real, we will face the judgement day for the deeds that we did or doing . But the actual he-ll is when we disobey God and it destroys the peace within us. If you are on a guilt for not being a good son or couldn't stick to the faith that you followed , then there is always time to repent and start again. Feeling sorry shows that you do realize what you have done, but forgive yourself and start over again.

    Talking about the hypocrisy in the name of GOD then I believe it is every where you go, I stopped going to temples as they are running a business . But that doesn't mean I abandoned God. May be or may not be existence of god can be questioned ,but it keeps me in the state of goodness.

    So, don't loose heart and try to maintain the same as you were at 30. Ups and downs will always be there , DON'T LOOSE HOPE....

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