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My wife and I were out with friends the other night just hanging out and having drinks when my wife's friend offered her some...brownies, Not regular brownies but some with...Uh...stuff added if you know what I mean, My wife laughed it off but after a while she decided to try them and popped two, She didn't really notice much so popped two more and pretty soon it was obvious they were kicking in, I on the other hand had turned them down so I just got to sit back and for the first time since we met 20 ish years ago I seen my wife stoned.
Pretty soon she was feeling weird and wanted to go home so it pretty much ruined the night but after we got home and she avoided the babysitter, I paid her and she left and we crawled into bed, My wife was still pretty wired and not acting like herself at all. She was laying there and started laughing, I asked her what she was laughing about and she said "Ha, Remember the time J**** came on me", I was like "What???". My wife NEVER talks about sex, EVER and definitely never brings up any dirty stuff from the past so this instantly peaked my attention.
We were laying there laughing and talking and she kept talking about stuff she never usually talks about so it was really interesting to me to see her like that but anyway, I laughed and said "I forgot about that" but it was so funny I decided to share the story here.
My wife and I were newly married, Maybe a year or so, Both in our early 20's and had just purchased our very first 5th wheel camper, We had gone on a weekend camping trip with two other couples who each had campers and had gotten pretty wasted sitting around the fire. The park wardens had warned us a couple times about noise and one of the couples decided to go to bed, After our third warning and a threat of having the cops called we decided to move inside. Since we had the biggest camper we moved into our place and my wife and the other girl who I will call...Hmmm...Amy just because it is easy to type lol. Amy I would say was probably my wife's best friend at the time and they had been friends for 4-5 years, Amy was not super hot but a decent looking girl and had a very similar build as my wife, Both had nice legs, hips, Behinds, and Amy was a little larger chested than my wife but I didn't realize how much bigger, Amy is a natural blonde and my wife was a dyed blonde, Both about the same height, Maybe Amy was an inch or two taller but over all both were nice to look at.
I had seen my wife kiss other girls and mess around over the few years we had been together but never really thought it would get past that point until that night, That was the first time I ever really thought it would go all the way and pretty much did until Amy's boyfriend, Whom I had become pretty good friends with at the time since we spent a lot of time together ruined it. We will call him...Ummm...Jay. Jay was working on trying to get Amy and my wife to make out on the couch in the camper and things were running pretty smooth as far as a little kissing and light petting but then Amy said "Let's play a game", My wife squinted and looked at her, Amy leaned in and whispered in my wife's ear and my wife sat back with her eyes wide then said "Uh, Ok", Amy presented her idea and basically it was me and Amy were to pair up and My wife and Jay were to pair up and Amy was to take the lead but my wife was supposed to do to Jay whatever Amy did to me.
So this "Game" began with Amy kissing my neck, I watched as my wife followed suit with Jay sitting across from us, Everyone was quite drunk and still drinking, Laughing and giggling. We carried on and Amy kissed me on the lips, Sat on my lap and did a little grinding, There was some cleavage shoved in our faces and then Amy said "Ok, Lets step it up", Amy took my hand and put it up her shirt and I grabbed her boob, Jay did the same to my wife and my wife was a little shy about it but did it. At that time none of us had ever done anything with a third person or any kind of four way or anything and were all pretty inexperienced to be honest. After that Amy stood in front of me and pulled her sweats down a bit exposing her thong, My wife followed her lead but didn't have a thong...Or anything on so just butt crack, Amy kept pulling hers lower as she shook her booty in front of me, My wife kept doing the same until Amy stood up and dropped her sweats to her knees.
My wife stood up and said "I can't" shrugging her shoulders and Amy looked at her, With Jay behind her she pulled the front of her sweats down showing us she didn't have any underwear on and Amy laughed then pulled her sweats up. Amy stood me up and sat me beside Jay then straddled my lap facing me and rubbed her boobs in my face, I watched my wife do the same and then Amy took off her top, My wife was getting pretty frisky and did the same then they were both pretending to ride and Amy took off her bra covering herself then again pressed them against my face. It was the first and only time I had ever seen my wife with another guy so it was all pretty exciting.
After a little more messing around and getting me and Jay out of our shirts there was some nipple pinching and licking and sucking going both ways and then Amy led our group to the bedroom, It was pretty obvious where the whole thing was headed and everyone seemed to be on board, Amy and my wife were still wearing their sweats and actually looking damned good. Amy stood me and Jay side by side and the girls knelt in front of us with my wife watching and following Amy's every move. I don't usually brag but I have always been a big guy if you know what I mean and I know my wife had told Amy stuff but just enough that she didn't really know what to expect, Amy and my wife were grabbing and rubbing us through our pants and Amy looked up at me, Tilted her head to the side and then looked at my wife and said "Really?", My wife laughed and said "You started it" and Jay said "What?".
Amy looked at Jay then back at my crotch and started to work my pants down, I felt like everyone was watching as Amy slowly kept pulling them down. She had basically my whole shaft visible and pointed down, My wife was doing the same to Jay and Jay looked over as Amy pulled them a little further and it flopped out, Amy leaned back and said "Oh my fuck", Jay looked at me and said "What the fuck dude", My wife laughed and I just shrugged, Amy stood up, My wife stood up, Amy bit her bottom lip nervously thinking about her next move, Amy laid on the bed, My wife flopped down beside her and me and Jay watched as their boobs jiggled and wiggled.
Amy motioned for me to lay beside her and I did, Jay laid beside my wife, Amy pulled my head down to suck her nipple and my wife did the same with Jay, Amy slid my hand in her sweats and I could feel that she was wet, I rubbed around a little and watched the bulge of Jays hand inside my wife's sweats working her, My wife had her legs spread wide and Amy spread hers, My wife has an inny pussy, No inner labia hanging out or anything and I hadn't really ever been with a girl who had any lips hanging out so I was mildly interested in what I had found.
I Grabbed her waistband and pulled her sweats and thong off tossing them aside while Jay followed suit, Amy spread her legs again and I got my first and only full body view of her, She was actually pretty nice to look at, Blonde, nice sized boobs bigger than I had thought, Probably a c or something and tiny little pale pink nipples on them, Flat stomach, and a fuzzy patch of blonde hair on her pussy, I had never seen a blonde pussy before and my wife has kept hers bald since she was 16 so it was nice to see, She had a bit of lips hanging out like I said but not bad and they were soft and pink, I laid down between her thighs and Jay did the same to my wife, We were licking and fingering and going to work, Amy put one foot up on my shoulder so I took that as an invite to explore a bit and soon had two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her bum, and she was moaning and groaning and finally moaned "Fuck me now" and pulled me on top of her.
We had kind of quit our "Game" and Amy put her legs up on my back, She grabbed my shaft and was only letting me put the tip in, My wife was sucking Jay now as he stood beside the bed then he pulled out of her mouth and my wife put her hand on my chest saying "Slow, Slow", Amy took her hand away and I just kept leaning into her and with every inch I slid into her she would gasp, My wife had Jay between her legs and was stroking his dick when he twitched and grunted shooting his load up her stomach and chest basically right between her little boobs and hit her in the face, My wife got pissed and said "Ahh fuck" and he came again, She said "Fuck, Fuck" and pushed him away but he came again on her legs.
Amy was coming at the same time as Jay and thrusting her hips forward hard as she did, I was going to pull out but it felt too good and I just slammed it all into her, Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gasped as I held it all the way in her coming over and over. My wife had left to clean up and Jay was pinching Amy's nipples, Amy slapped his hand away and clenched her thighs around my waist then let her legs flop open. We all cleaned up and Jays new nickname was rocketman after that, We tried to get the girls going again but that was a no-go, Oh well, A weekend to remember for sure.

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