Karma doesn't work

I used to know a girl who suffered horrible physical and verbal abuse at the hands of her older brother.

I had to quit dating her in part because of her brother. I don't know what was wrong with him because he seemed to be p***** off every second of his waking life.

I haven't described the abuse but use your imagination. He was a big husky guy who didn't mind using his fists and his verbal insults. To see the abuse was unbearable. His parents were no help and I suspect insanity ran in the family.

Ok here I am grown up and struggling hard to keep a job. He on the other hand got a cushy job and he married a ugly wife but her looks don't seem to bother him. He has had two kids with her and both of them left home as soon as they were self supporting.

His sister lives over sixty miles away from him.

I'm struggling but he's happy. I never crapped on anyone in my life so wy is he doing so good and I'm doing s*****?

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  • KARMA DOES NOT WORK BUT REAPING WHAT YOU SOW DOES. If you don't change your ways you will reap. It may take years but always comes back. A lot of people are going through hard economic times right now. You are in good company but don't think about what you don't have think about the blessings you do have a use your time to think of a ways to better support yourself. Happiness is just a Bible studying away. You may wonder how that may help but once you learn what is REALLY in the Bible and why it is relevant to you it will change your entire outlook and you just might meet someone through the pages of the scriptures that you only know by rumor. The Creator who loves you.

  • I'm sure you've heard the phrases "The grass isn't always greener on the other side" and "Money doesn't always buy happiness?" You think that because this guy has a cushy job, is married with kids that equals happiness. Sure, some things may come easier, but he probably has his own set of problems to deal with and probably sees someone else has having it all. It's all perspective. And in your opinion his wife is ugly and that doesn't bother him..that was a pretty shallow remark. So maybe you don't find her attractive, but looks aren't everything. As for anger issues - who truly knows the struggles that he actually went through to make him so angry. Not that taking it out on his sister (or anyone else) is excusable on any level. But the anger and abuse has to originate and learned from somewhere. But you're lives aren't meant to be compared. You seem to think you are owed something. Why? Because you never hit anyone in anger? You're not in competition with him. Your path is your own. If you don't like where you are in life, then make proactive changes to do something else or find something that makes you happy. Maybe start by appreciating the things that you actually have in life and not what you don't.

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